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What is the Most Trusted Online Casino?

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It’s crucial to establish trust before joining an online casino. There’re thousands of online casino sites and gambling establishments out there. It’s often surprisingly difficult to recognize those worthy of trust.

 “What is the most trusted online casino? How can I learn who is trustworthy and who isn’t?” These are questions everyone stepping into the world of online casinos should ask.

There are a few ways to do this.

Pitfalls of Using a Non-Trusted Casino

Before explaining how to find out if a casino’s trustworthy, it’s important to know what happens if we don’t.

To summarize all the issues in one line: It can lead to scammers or cybercriminals making off with individuals’ personal information or credit card data. Later on, this could lead to identity theft or financial loss.

Phishing attacks are commonplace with online casinos. Phishing refers to the practice where a fraudster designs a website that looks precisely like the casino’s. They redirect users towards this site instead of the real one and record down any information an unwitting user enters.

Another issue that arises from playing at a non-trusted casino is unlimited delays. Once you are done playing, you go to withdraw. The casino tells you there is some kind of delay and keeps making up excuses for months on the end. They’re hoping that you forget or give up and let them abscond with it.

Finding a Reliable Gambling Site

Fortunately, you can find it out using just a few steps. Keep in mind that any online casino review will also go through these steps and mark it out. That way, we know it can be trusted to be legit and pay out timely. For instance, Prank Casino, has been reviewed and noted as a trusted one.

Here are the steps.

A Matter of Licensing

All online casinos have to be licensed and regulated by an international regulatory group. Examples of these bodies are Malta, Gibraltar or UK’s respective gambling regulatory bodies. Before the online casino launches, the operator must be authorized by a regulatory body.

They will test if up-to-date security and the latest encryption technology are being used. They also test if the casino’s games are unbiased and the payment options approved. If everything is good to go, they will allow the casino to operate.

Individuals can check a casino’s license by looking for the sticker at the bottom, embedded into the footer

Check for Third-Party Audits

Many third-party groups also offer certification. Organizations such as eCOGRA, TST Global and iTechlabs carry out audits on online casinos and see if the games are fair and unbiased. Often, they examine other aspects of the casino before approving and certifying it.

Check the Web Address

Make sure the web address of the casino is correct. For phishing attacks, cybercriminals often target common typos as the phishing domain. Furthermore, check if the site’s address has ‘HTTPS’ at the start. The ‘S’ indicates that the connection is secure and encrypted.

If all three of these check out, then the casino is definitely legit and trustworthy.