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What It Is Like to Be a Lifestyle Attendant

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Being a Lifestyle Attendant involves performing a variety of fulfilling daily tasks, such as assisting clients with activities of daily living, personal grooming, and more. It is a role that provides the opportunity to positively impact someone’s daily life and help them maintain their independence and self-confidence. So if you are looking for a career that will give you a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment in the work you do, then you will probably be wondering what it’s like to be a lifestyle attendant.

Meal preparation is another service that Lifestyle Attendants provide to their clients. Preparation of breakfast, lunch, and dinner (or all three!) can be scheduled at the customer’s discretion. Here, Lifestyle Attendants can help make sure a client gets to consume all their favourite foods. Meal preparation can have a profound effect on the customer’s quality of life if it is one of the objectives of their plan to eat healthily.

Additionally, Lifestyle Attendants may be expected to do domestic duties such as ensuring the cleanliness and security of their client’s residences. Make beds, clean the kitchen, do the dishes, and do the laundry. Customers who spend much time at home will find these activities particularly meaningful. Lifestyle Attendants get to help their clients become more content in their own homes, which may have a profound effect on their well-being.


  • The interactions with clients. One of life’s most significant rewards is satisfying a customer’s needs.
  • Helping clients acquire new skills while maintaining their independence in their homes. It is excellent to make a positive difference in a client’s life and receive their thanks and satisfaction in return.
  • With a good company, you may choose your hours, match with clients based on your skills and abilities, participate in salary sacrifice, and take advantage of several professional development opportunities thanks to their emphasis on handicap training.
  • The training helps lifestyle assistants grow professionally and ensures they can continue providing excellent client service.


  • It takes work to change how a lifestyle assistant does things to fit their customers’ preferences; they try to make it a habit to inquire how they would like anything done before acting on their response.
  • Problems can arise when many teams need to work together with Lifestyle Attendants. They will need to adapt to their unique perspective on things. They will have to listen intently and be resolute in pursuing a favourable outcome if they overcome the obstacles presented by the consumers you serve.

Do You Think This Is the Ideal Career for You?

This position may be ideal for you if you are outgoing and proactive and have a deep desire to see others succeed in maintaining fulfilling relationships with others as they age.

The role is a good fit for one with a proactive and positive attitude, a willingness to learn new things, a strong work ethic, a commitment to providing person-centred care, and a knack for thinking outside the box.

You will succeed in the role if you are well-organised, have a good ear, are caring, kind, honest, and have a can-do mentality.


You may witness how the services offered by Lifestyle Attendants help their clients achieve their goals and realise their full potential. One’s individuality is praised and fostered, and the individual’s wants and needs are met with priority given to those of the client.