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What Kind of Things Should You Anticipate Happening at New York AA Twelve Step Meeting

 Meetings of the Narcotics Anonymous organisation are held at Immaculate Conception Church every week, beginning at seven on Saturday evenings. Because this is a private gathering, the only persons who are permitted to attend aa meetings in new york are those who are actively battling addiction or are in the process of recovering from it. Even though this is a closed meeting, newcomers are always welcome, which makes this the ideal group to join if you are just beginning your journey in the world of meeting attendance.

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, which are comparable to those conducted for those addicted to narcotics and are held at several locations throughout New York City, may be found at dozens of locations in the city. To better accommodate the needs of people who are involved in the process of recovering from alcohol addiction, there are specific organisations that offer this kind of gathering more than once each week. The following is a list of meetings that will be held throughout the week that you might be interested in attending if you have the time: Many people who are new to their recovery or have to go to work during the day prefer to attend a meeting early in the morning. This is also the case for many people who have other daily obligations. 

  • This is one of the reasons why this get-together holds such an important place in our hearts. Since this is a public meeting, attendance and participation from anybody are encouraged. 
  • Those attending this meeting may anticipate a mix of discussions on specific addiction-related topics and the reading of specific AA literature.
  •  This is something they can look forwards to. Those who plan to attend this meeting should be ready to take part in both the business and social components of the gathering.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the most well-known organisations available to support people while they go through the process of recovery from alcoholism (AA). 
  • There have been millions of people who have benefited from the programmes and aa meetings in new york meetings, and AA has had a significant influence on a great number of other programmes, 
  • particularly those that help alcoholics. In addition, the programmes developed directly from AA’s efforts have helped millions more people.

It is possible that the history of AA and the events that took place to form the organisation into what it is now are not as well known as other aspects of the group’s heritage. However, this is not the case. If you conduct a quick search on Google for aa meetings in new york, you will most likely wind up on the website of the local intergroup in your area. This is because of how Google organises its search results. An A.A. service office known as an intergroup offers support to A.A. groups that meet in their respective communities. This office is frequently referred to as a “central office,” another name. They frequently publish the meeting schedules on their websites, print meeting schedule booklets (ordinarily available for no cost or a minimal fee), and utilise volunteers to field phone calls from individuals with questions about the meetings. As a consequence of these practises, they are also frequently an excellent resource for locating meetings in the surrounding area. Not only is Intergroup an excellent resource for answering questions concerning meetings, but it’s also a great resource for learning about AA-related news and events that are taking place in your area.

Every get-together will have its rhythm and flavour to it in its unique way. On the other hand, the majority of meetings based on the twelve-step programme will begin and end in the same manner. In most instances, the meeting will start with a recitation of the Serenity Prayer, which will be led by either the chairman, the secretary, or both of the two positions, depending on the circumstances. Readings from Alcoholics Anonymous literature accepted for use at conferences frequently contain “How It Works” from the Big Book and one or more of the Twelve Traditions. There is a chance that additional readings will be distributed at the beginning or the end of some of the meetings you attend.

  • Depending on the format of the meeting, the activities that take place after the readings could include a discussion, listening to a speaker, doing an additional reading, or a combination of these options. 
  • During the gathering, the Seventh Tradition basket will eventually be taken under the control of a group member. 
  • Aa meetings in new york and contributions are used for several purposes, including paying for things like coffee, rent, and literature at meetings, as well as contributing to other aspects of A.A. 
  • A.A. is financially independent. Contributions pay for things like coffee, rent, and literature at meetings. 
  • Attending a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous does not require the participant to make a financial contribution to the organisation.

Some meetings will allow a few minutes to distribute chips or medallions to attendees to celebrate varied years of sobriety. This is done to encourage and motivate people to stay sober. One of the chips can be referred to as the “white chip,” the “surrender chip,” or the “24-hour chip,” among other possible titles. This chip is intended for anyone new to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or who has been absent from the fellowship for some time and is interested in giving sobriety a chance for 24 hours.

During the meeting, another method for determining who is willing to serve as a sponsor for the occasion is to ask attendees to raise their hands. This is an opportunity to find out who among us is willing to guide another alcoholic through the 12 steps that make up Alcoholics Anonymous. Look through or flip through the local meeting schedule for your city. You will likely come across a great deal of A.A. shorthand terminology and abbreviations used to describe the various kinds of meetings. One of these choices will typically include holding the meeting in either an “open” or “closed” format. Open meetings are exactly what they sound like; they are welcome to anyone interested in attending an aa meetings in new york, regardless of whether or not they are an alcoholic. Anyone interested in attending an AA meeting is welcome to attend open meetings. However, it is not unheard of to hear a request made during open sessions for these meetings to be attended just by alcoholics so that they can relate their own experiences.