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What Makes A Successful Gambler? Real Money Calls for Real Action

The thrill of excitement that builds up until the moment the dice stop rolling or the roulette wheels stops spinning is a powerful emotion that culminates in either tremendous happiness or disappointment, depending on the outcome of the gambler’s bet. Throughout the centuries, gamblers sought for strategies and techniques to increase their chances of winning in games of fortune. Some thought their luck depends on talismans, specific gestures, or the position of the stars and planets.

From casual, weekend gamblers to professional poker players, everyone wants to discover the secret of secure winning. Although luck is impossible to control, there are ways in which we can at least try to improve our odds. Here are a few tips that might help you improve your winning streak.

Consider House Edge

Casino owners don’t make a profit only on the money you lose, they secure their income using the very nature of the games they provide to visitors. House edge is an advantage that casinos have over gamblers, and it’s different with every game. A house edge tells you the percentage of payouts over the lifespan of a certain game. If you don’t have your favorite gambling activity or you’re interested in multiple game choices, taking on the game that gives you the lowest house edge can significantly increase your chances of winning. It could vary in different casinos, which is not a decision made by the venue management but the consequence of the conditions of the game itself.

Choose Proper Casinos

No matter if you are an online gambler or prefer visiting brick and mortar casinos, it’s of utmost importance to choose a proper venue. You don’t want to spend your money effortlessly playing rigged games or becoming a victim of online fraud. Perform research before choosing where you want to test your like by reading user reviews or visiting Casinos Approved to compare expert reviews, learn safety measures, or find out where you can play with the lowest deposit. There are online venues that protect your privacy so you can gamble without the need to create an online account or keep your money online if you don’t feel comfortable with that.

Use Gambling Strategies
There are more than a few mathematical techniques that dictate how you should place your wagers to make sure you will go home with some money in your pocket. Both professional gamblers and casual players often use strategies like Martingale, D’Alembert, or counting cards. Each of these gambling secrets has its own set of good sides and bad sides, and it's only up to you to decide which one is most suitable for your needs.

Martingale strategy is the easiest one, most secure, but also requires a high gambling budget. All you have to do is double your stakes after each loss until you win. With every winning bet, you should start a new round by placing the initial wager and repeat the process. The bad news is that in case you keep on losing for too long you could dry out your entire budget, which is why this strategy is not for those with a limited budget.

Bitcoin Casinos

The advent of blockchain technology allowed the evolution of the online gambling industry. Cryptocurrency-based casinos are becoming more and more popular because they offer anonymity, fast payments and withdrawals, and the real game changer – Provably fair games.

Provably fair games mean that the players can make sure that nobody tampered with the outcome of the game results. Thanks to blockchain technology, players get instant proof that the result of their wager is truly random and not set against the player’s bet. A specialized gambling website, Best Casinos, can introduce you to a number of online venues where you can bet using Bitcoin and win real money safely, from the comfort of your home.

There is no difference in game conditions when it comes to fiat and cryptocurrency venues, both amateurs and professional gamblers play either of the two.

Keep a Gambling Log

Keeping a journal of your gambling experience can be a valuable source of data that you can analyze to increase your chances and help you win real money instantly the next time you go out for a roll. Make sure you write down details like date, odds, type of game, the outcome of each hand or roll. Based on the information you gather, there a chance you might come up with the idea which type of game is best suited for you, which types of wager bring you the most profit, and what you should avoid practicing as a gambler.

Moreover, your log could also serve as a sort of ledger and keep you informed about the status of your gambling career.


Gambling is an interesting hobby and amusement but it can easily become an addiction, which is why it’s important to play responsibly. Never wager more than you are comfortable to lose and practice your self-discipline else your hobby might turn into horror. In every brick and mortar and online casino real money is waiting for you only if you are clever enough to invest in your skills and learn from experience.

We hope these pieces of advice will help you improve your odds of winning and keeping Fortuna on your side with each roll of the dice and every hand you play.