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What Makes Laravel a Preferred Choice for Web Development

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Table of Content

1. Quick Summary
2. An Overview of Laravel PHP Framework
3. Why Makes Laravel the Best Choice for Web Development?

  • MVC Architecture
  • Eloquent ORM
  • Blade Templating Engine
  • Artisan Command Line Interface
  • Robust Security Features
  • Database Migrations and Seeding
  • Quick development 
  • Effective traffic management 
  • Supportive Community and Libraries

4. Contribution of Laravel programmers toward achieving your specific web development objectives
5. Conclusion

Quick Summary

Want to develop a captivating business app that appeals to target audiences? If yes, you have to choose a robust yet scalable framework for your unique web app development needs. 

Among various web frameworks, PHP Laravel’s stand-out features have made it extremely special for developers worldwide. Do you know it is one of the most used web frameworks in 2023, with 7.58% of developers using it to write clear and error-free codes? Yes, that’s true!

Go through the article to explore more about Laravel and what makes this framework a preferred choice for web development tasks. Also, learn about the contribution of Onshore/ offshore Laravel programmers toward achieving your specific objectives. 

An Overview of Laravel PHP Framework 

A PHP-based web framework, Laravel is employed to craft quality web solutions for businesses. Invented by Taylor Otwell, its primary purpose is to assist developers in making complex coding tasks simple, fast, and bug-free. Basically, this open-source framework is known for its clean syntax and developer-friendly features. 

Laravel bestows a rich set of tools and functionality to expedite the development procedure. It features an outstanding testing framework, enabling a swift test of web apps without writing additional code. That’s why you can find endless websites on the internet built using Laravel. 

Why Makes Laravel the Best Choice for Web Development?

The convenience and effective functionalities the framework offers contribute to its enormous fame. Let’s discuss more reasons that make Laravel the preferred choice for web development. 

MVC Architecture

This PHP framework is based on MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. It ensures the separation of the presentation layer from business logic. Basically, there are three interconnected components: The Model handles the data logic and performs manipulation, the View displays data to users, and the Controller manages user requests and passes the processed data from the Model to the View for display. This separation allows for a cleaner and more organized code while ensuring faster development, improved security, and scalability. 

Eloquent ORM

The Eloquent ORM in Laravel is a powerful tool that streamlines database operations, enhances code reusability, and boosts development efficiency. It enables programmers to define database relationships and execute standard operations, like querying, updating, inserting, and deleting records from databases. This practice makes the code more readable and simplifies access to related data.  Besides, Eloquent ORM includes several built-in features, such as eager loading, accessors and mutators, soft deletes, and more, to facilitate quick data interactions. 

Blade Templating Engine

It provides an intuitive way to design Views (HTML templates) in web apps. Blade templates use easy and readable syntax, making it simple for coders to learn and adhere to clear coding standards. Besides, Blade supports template inheritance, letting developers define a base layout and extend or override sections. This practice ensures a consistent layout across multiple pages. Also, one can create custom blade directives to simplify complicated tasks and encapsulate repetitive operations. To acquire the best end products, it’s crucial to hire offshore Laravel developers with the competence and skills to accomplish your specific project. 

Artisan Command Line Interface

Artisan is a command-line interface in Laravel, presenting a set of powerful commands to manage repetitive tasks and streamline other development activities. It conveniently handles redundant processes, saving you time and expediting the development cycle. Artisan commands enable programmers to generate components, migrate databases, run tests, and more. Besides, it offers commands to clear application caches to ensure seamless app performance, especially after making modifications and updates. 

Robust Security Features

Laravel has gained a reputation as a secure framework. Its solid security features offer enhanced protection against several vulnerabilities. With this framework, one can quickly implement authentication and authorization mechanisms. Besides, it encourages encryption of sensitive data and secure handling of user authentication credentials. Laravel uses Bcrypt Hashing to safeguard passwords and set security headers such as Content Security Policy (CSP), HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), and more to ensure protection against potential attacks.

Database Migrations and Seeding

Migrations in Laravel allow developers to define and manage changes to the database structure through PHP code. It helps them create tables, modify columns, add indexes, and share and synchronize the database structure across different environments. Such database changes are tracked and migrated forward through version control systems. Besides, Seeding is the process of populating the database with test data. It creates a consistent testing environment, ensuring reliable and repeatable tests. This practice is required upon the initial set-up of an app. 

Quick development

This PHP-based framework facilitates quick development by employing various features. Its Eloquent ORM, Blade Templating Engine, Artisan Command-Line Interface, and built-in libraries and packages speed up the creation of web applications. Besides, Laravel’s modular architecture and support for third-party packages allow the integration of additional functionalities. In fact, Laravel has an active community for reliable support. One can also find extensive documentation and tutorials to quickly find answers to their queries and troubleshoot issues. 

Effective traffic management

For any application, effective management of traffic is essential for flawless performance and preventing downtime. Laravel has the ability to manage incoming traffic nicely, ensuring the application remains responsive and functional under varying load conditions. It provides an effective caching system to store frequently accessed data. As a result, the application can serve the requests faster, minimizing the load on the server while improving response time. Besides, the app built using Laravel can be deployed across multiple servers with load balancers that help distribute traffic among these servers. To execute this task better, one must engage prominent offshore Laravel programmers with adequate experience and skills. 

Contribution of Laravel programmers toward achieving your specific web development objectives

It is essential to hire offshore Laravel developers to meet your web development objectives. They can tailor Laravel’s features to address your unique concerns and ensure everything aligns well with your business objectives. Besides, an experienced developer leverages performance optimization techniques to deliver an app that adheres to speed and efficiency benchmarks.  

These professionals hold extensive knowledge of Laravel’s tools and libraries to create a feature-loaded app that is free of errors. They implement strict security measures to safeguard against potential vulnerabilities and ensure regulatory compliance. 

In fact, offshore Laravel development enthusiasts deliver your product on time and are always ready to provide post-launch support whenever needed. Basically, the contribution of Laravel programmers lies in their ability to harness the power of the framework to create optimized, high-performance apps.


No matter the size of the project, the Laravel framework could be a terrific choice. It holds a lot of great features, such as a Blade Templating Engine, Artisan Command-Line Interface, robust security characteristics, database migrations, and more. Besides, one can leverage its rich set of libraries and active community support to expedite the development procedure. It would be best to hire offshore Laravel developers from the initial stage to embark in the right direction.