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What Programming Languages to Use for Your Webstore

Finding the programming language for your webshop is often tricky, for sure, with new advancements being made constantly. Also you should first figure out what language you feel comfortable working with or which you are willing to learn since there are many differences and advantages for each. So, in this list you’ll find different languages listed with explanations of what the language entails, but also each time you’ll see a section which mentions and talks about whom these languages are best suited for. 

Make sure you know what you are getting into by educating yourself beforehand, reading experiences online, watching videos and listening to podcasts. All these things will get you prepared for your journey building your ecommerce store. Don’t cheapen out on expertise advice, it will pay back double in the long term! 

1. Python (and django) 

Although not the most popular in terms of webshops, it is probably single-handedly the most powerful for such a small language. Small language means it is easy to learn the Python programming language and start using it in no time. If you master this language, you’ll be unstoppable with your coding.  Also with python there is more educational content out there since it is so easy to get into. 

The only downside of python is that you are quite limited in terms of possibilities. But assuming that you have knowledge over vital things like SEO and others, you can create the perfect ecommerce store for sure! 

2. Java(script)

You probably saw this one coming, but java is still one of the biggest languages out there.

So many plug-ins and integrations are made for the language, this is why it is also easy to get into since there are so many plug-n-play integrations available. Although it is easy to get into with all the support and plug-ins published on the web, it is still a fair amount harder than python. But, with the advantage of having almost unlimited possibilities when it comes to coding. This is by far the favourite language amongst the coders for an ecommerce store. 

Fun fact: Java and Javascript is mainly used for creating video games hand in hand with other programming languages like C++. 

3. No code! 

Yes you read that right, using no code is also starting to compete with coded websites. 

“Drag n’ drop” services allow you to set up your entire website or web store without a single grain of knowledge about coding. A few years ago drag n’ drop websites were not really a thing but in the last 1-3 years these have become more and more popular than ever before. 

There is a decline in people using coding for their webshop or ecommerce store. Quite sad since you can use coding and apply that almost everywhere. But you simply cannot beat the ease of use of a drag n’ drop website creator.