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What Software to Choose for Crypto Copy Trading

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Social trading (which means following the activities of well-experienced market players) proved to be very useful for the new traders. By following in the footsteps of more experienced traders, the newcomers can avoid common mistakes, update their skills and increase their profits.

However, the choice of a suitable crypto copy trading expert is not an easy task. Common social networks democratize this process and facilitate access to the cherished signals but don’t help the beginners to compare different offers and check the reputation of one or another “expert”. You can store, transfer and swap crypto assets with your smartphone using a defi wallet.

Best Crypto copy trading platforms

Special copy trading services help to reduce the risk. By taking a little time to register and set up an exchange account, users obtain an intuitive and user-friendly interface provided with the possibility of automated copy trading, technical support, and documentation, as well as clear and transparent rules for use.

Here is a list of the best copy trading platforms: from the established market players to the promising beginners that may prove themselves in the coming year.

eToro (Copy Trader)

Founded in 2007, eToro invented the concept of social trading (and the term “copy trading” itself) even before the launch of bitcoin! eToro started to support cryptocurrencies in 2014, and soon the company launched its own cryptocurrency wallet for iOS and Android. Today, this service has turned into a multifunctional utility offering a whole range of services.


CryptoHopper is one of the fastest-growing fintech companies in the world. Developers have created an intuitive web and mobile platform, which allowed global traders to earn money by trading cryptocurrencies. The company offers a variety of tools that help traders achieve better results.


Zignaly is an automated cryptocurrency trading bot. At the moment, it supports 21 different cryptocurrency signal providers. The bot communicates with exchanges through API. The cloud-based system provides traders with unlimited cryptocurrency trading.

Founded in 2013, is one of the world’s top ten digital currency trading platforms. The exchange provides a 100% collateral margin, ensuring the safety of the user’s assets, as well as high-quality and reliable services. doesn’t charge listing fees and doesn’t allow fraud and fake trading.


3Commas is a service that combines all exchanges (or most of them) and allows you to trade all your assets through one terminal. Apart from access to the unified trading terminal, 3commas provides trading signals and bots that can trade and bring you profits automatically. The bots are universal. They can work on all or several of your platforms simultaneously.


The cryptocurrency exchange PrimeXBT has always offered a wide selection of assets and useful features. In addition, PrimeXBT has integrated the Covesting copy-trading module for automatic trading and copying of traders based on the strategies of the platform’s most successful traders. To unlock the trading potential of PrimeXBT, traders can diversify their portfolios not only through different cryptocurrencies but also through traditional financial instruments.


Copy trading is the ideal solution for both novice traders and people just don’t have time for active trading. It is also an opportunity to borrow the strategies of successful traders and learn from them. In addition, copy trading allows you to chat with traders, which will improve your understanding of the markets.