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What Streaming Services Are Better To Watch NFL Games?

The NFL season is well underway, and as we progress through the season, the Super Bowl contenders are starting to separate from other teams. Since the competition in the NFL is heating up, it is the perfect time to set up your NFL streaming service and get ready for the Super Bowl.

When it comes to watching NFL, using a cable option is usually the easiest solution. However, most people want more freedom since internet streaming services offer non-stop broadcasting even on the go. 

On top of that, not every cable provider supports channels that broadcast the NFL, especially outside the United States.

In today’s article, we will take a look at some of the best streaming services that are perfect alternatives, if not better, than cable TV. With these you can watch the NFL’s top 10 safeties by TwinSpires with full comfort, without overpaying.


Here we have a dominant video streaming service in the sports industry. FuboTV started as a soccer video streaming service but progressed to be the ultimate sports broadcasting service following many sport-related channels.

FuboTV is great just because offers 4K sports programming on big events like the Super Bowl, and has many sports channels like ESPN and ABC. There is a DVR option where it comes with 30 hours of recording by default, but you can upgrade to 500 hours for an extra $9.99 a month.

It offers more than 100 channels are it is a stable sports streaming service that every NFL fan needs.

YouTube TV

YouTube was stated as video sharing platform but grew into multiple other categories, including live streaming. The best thing about YouTube TV is the wide selection of channels offering around 80 of the top 100 networks, numerous cable staples, plus all four local networks like CBS, ABC, Fox, and NBC.

On top of that, if you have fast internet and the money to afford you can choose a 4K streaming upgrade for an additional $20 a month. The base package is around $65 which makes it the most expensive out of all streaming services, but in the end, you’ll get exceptional video quality and enjoy the action in the NFL league.

NFL RedZone

There is a new player that comes in the sports video streaming industry, and it has quickly become a fan’s favorite. RedZone is a video streaming app that allows you to watch every big thing that is happening in the league.

The cheapest way to activate RedZone is by getting Sling TV Blue for around $35 per month and adding the Sports Extra add-on for an additional $11 per month. With this addon, you can see every highlight from the league, following with some great news, score updates, and watch live events.

Hulu Plus Live TV

Getting Hulu for $6 a month sounds like a bargain, but it is important to know that this option doesn’t support live streaming. However, with a hefty update, you can get Hulu Plus Live TV for around $65 and get the best channels from different categories like music, movies, entertainment, and sports.

This is probably the best video streaming service when it comes to the number of channels that you are getting, which is why it is the second most favorite sports streaming service after Fubo TV. It supports all the favorite channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox in many markets, and has a cloud DVR that lets you record all your favorite games.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a fast-forward option or the ability to skip commercials, but you can unlock such features only for an additional $10 a month.


In the future, all TV broadcasting will use internet technology to transfer their signal to your devices. As we can see, many new smaller streaming services specialize in different niches, and in the future, you’ll be able to create your own collection of channels by subscribing to internet video streaming services that you’ll like.