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What Technological Innovations Have the Power to Transform the Gambling Industry?

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Think what you want about the gambling industry, but keep one thing in mind: no industry is as innovative and adaptable as this one. Frequently scrutinized and targeted by restrictive laws and regulations, the gambling industry managed to survive not only decades but centuries. Even in countries where gambling is completely banned, people find a way to play their favorite games and put some money at stake to make things more interesting. One of the reasons why gambling is so adaptable is its openness to revolutionary ideas, and willingness to change and improve what it has to offer. 

To help us understand technological advances that might shape the online gaming environment in the future, we talked to Anna Rosak (read her bio here). The Polish gambling expert says that every time she thinks she’s seen it all, online casinos and bookies amaze her: “I am an industry insider and still get my fair share of surprises. You can only imagine how stunned an average casino customer is.” 

Anna Rosak predicts that in the near future, we will witness a new gaming scene, that will be turned inside out thanks to technological improvements in both software and hardware, new gambling concepts molded by the latest pandemic, and a more distinctive approach to advertising than ever.

Virtual Reality – New Milestone for Casino Industry

As the first innovation that could reshape the gaming scene, Anna sees virtual reality. In 2019 and 2020 several companies announced the first VR games and betting solutions, but the COVID-19 pandemic caused a stall in development. Even though Anna thinks VR will go mainstream pretty soon, she still notices some of its limitations.

“Good VR equipment is expensive, and the series of lockdowns made many casino customers rethink their priorities. Yes, people gamble more than ever, but the question is whether they are willing to spend thousands of dollars on new VR sets,” she wonders. In her opinion, one particular gaming genre that would benefit from VR sets is live casino. 

“VR sets would make entering live casino sections, like the one available at Vulkan Vegas Casino, as real as you and me! Just imagine entering VIP lounges, seeing all the glimmering details in studios, and almost being able to touch the dealer,” she says.

Social Gaming Builds New Communities

Anna Rosak also notices social gaming has been on the rise, but still hasn’t reached its full potential in mainstream casinos. However, on crypto online gaming sites, the social component is pretty much alive and thriving. 

“You have chats, forums, closed groups, whole communities! The best of all is that you can also reward your peers and give them a helping hand when necessary,” reveals the gaming expert from Poland. 

Social gaming has been a hot topic for quite a while but still hasn’t reached the expected levels. Regardless, the gambling expert predicts that, once again, the recent pandemic motivated operators to add a new element into the equation. 

Social component is something that has always been a major issue for online casinos. People don’t gamble to make money, but also to talk to each other, build lasting relationships and partake in communal activities. “The best examples of social gaming done right are bingo and lottery sites. Specialized bingo sites always have live chats where players encourage each other, while lottery sites allow you to buy lotteries with others, by joining groups and pools,” Anna Rosak reveals. 

Precise Audience Targeting

Last but not the least innovation is already affecting the way we are gaming. Algorithms on social media are becoming more and more refined, thus targeting the right people at the right time. Our guest specialist claims they are more powerful than ever, and it is only a question of time they’ll be able to target you not with general deals and banners, but a highly customized and personalized approach. 

“People are still not aware everything they do online leaves a trace, and companies take advantage of it. Whether it’s the latest social media phenomenon or good old Google, you can’t escape their mechanisms that detect your preferences,”, she noted. 

New algorithms will target customers more precisely than ever before, and reduce the search for a casino or a game to a bare minimum. For instance, if you showed interest in adventure tourism in the past, iGaming companies will target you with more competitive and volatile slots, especially those that take you on long escapades in Egyptian tombs or rainforests of South America. 

“Will all these new technologies and approaches bring any good for gamers? It’s hard to say. Still, I believe gamers will easily adapt to new standards and new ways of gaming, while local regulators will once again fall behind and take a decade to regulate new practices properly,” concludes our expert.