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What To Know About The Pirate Proxy Bay 

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There are many sites set up under different domain names and can be accessed from different regions of the globe. Furthermore, all the original content available from the Pirate Bay website can be accessed including software, e-books, websites and much more. 

Disclaimer – the information and websites provided here are for informational use only and we don’t not recommend using proxy services for downloading content.  

Is Pirate Bay Proxy Illegal? 

The legality of using a site such as Pirate Bay or any of its proxies is a subject of dispute. This site doesn’t host any illegal materials or copyright content that could impact the authenticity. IT is merely a directory of torrents uploaded by many people around the globe.  

Since magnet links were first established back in 2012, the Pirate Bay has grown further from what you could actually call illegal. Nevertheless, there have been multiple copyright infringement cases taken out on the founders of the Pirate Bay; some of these were convicted in court.  

The way this torrent mechanism works is by sharing data among a variety of peers that are looking for the same content. This way each downloader is also working as a distributor. Technically, by the book of the law this could be considered illegal. Furthermore, heavy fines and even jail sentences could be imposed on those that break these laws. 

Why Do You Need a Pirate Bay Proxy to Access the Website? 

There are a variety of reasons why you would need a proxy like Thepiratebayproxy to properly access the pirate bay website. Here are some of the most important that you should know about.  

Government – In many different countries, the has gone to the courts in order to create bans that will prohibit the use of the Pirate Bay in accordance with copyright laws. Once an order like this has been passed, ISPs are ordered to deny all access to the Pirate Bay. You may actually get a message saying that access to a particular site is banned by the laws of your country.  

Taken Down – Furthermore, there is a high possibility that the website will be ordered to take down the site by any organization within the government. For example, if the website has been set up in England, the local authorities may ask the hosting provider to take the site down and block access to the Pirate Bay. Many authorities internationally are ordering host providers to take down these sites.  

Servers Issues – there may also be times when you will need to look for a proxy site because of server issues with the primary site. Sometimes, this may be caused by overwhelming traffic and at other times you will not be able to gain access to the Pirate Bay because of this overload. In such a situation, you will need to search for some other way to gain access to the website.  

How to Unlock Piratebay using a VPN? 

On the other hand, if you don’t plan on opening mirrors and operating through proxy sites, you could opt for the use of a conventional VPN. VPN is a very powerful tool that will allow you to access the original site with some ease.  

When you use a VPN, your information will be routed through the ISP but will be secured and hidden. This will prevent the ISP from snooping in on what you are doing. Furthermore, you can use the servers from any country where this is not blocked. There are many different companies that provide VPN services and they can be used effectively.  

How to Access Piratebay Proxy? 

So as you can see there are different ways to access the Pirate Bay proxy list and you can gain access by following the link in this article. All the websites listed here are working well. If you find that one is not working well for you, then you can move over to another one quite simply.  

Following you will find a comprehensive list of all the proxy sites as of 2020, bookmark these sites to gain easy access to the pirate bay.