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What to see in Odessa Ukraine

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Odessa, the Pearl of the Black Sea, is one of the most important cities in Ukraine behind Kiev and Kharkov. Its relevance is given that it is currently the most important port in the country since at this time and since 2014 Sevastopol was occupied/seized by Russia. The city already had relevance since the Middle Ages and that is why it has numerous artistic and architectural influences. Today we bring you an article aimed at those who wonder what to see in Odessa. Would it be better to visit Odessa in a day or two? And for your info, visiting Odessa is not a difficult thing anymore. There are cheap flights from Odesa you can book now!

Founded by the Spanish José de Ribas, the city of Odessa developed until it was considered by the philosopher, journalist and literary Belinsky as “the third city of Russian cities” in addition to the praise of Alexander Pushkin who defined it as “the most European of Russian cities. When development did not exist in Europe, they had paved streets, public transport, electricity, running water, hospitals, universities, opera, public libraries and endless technological and cultural advances. 

Currently, Art Noveau architecture stands out since, in addition to the Russian (not Soviet) legacy, it also has Italian and French influence. Now if, and without further ado, what to see in Odessa Ukraine.

  1. Odessa Opera

The Odessa National Opera and Ballet Theater is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the country. If you decide to visit it, for the cost of 50 UAH, it will allow you to know its interior. It is a key place to understand the culture of the city, and one of the main activities to do in Odessa, where musicals by composers such as Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky are heard. A good place to calmly enjoy its wide and cultural spaces.

  1. The Catacombs of Odessa

Perhaps one of the most curious places to see in Odessa Ukraine in one day is the Catacombs. Beneath the city there is a vast network of tunnels. This was the place of refuge, during the Second World War, of the partisans of the Soviet Union. Years later, it would be the smugglers’ trafficking routes. Visiting these tunnels will make you feel like in a mystery movie. However, you can also visit the Museum of Partisan Glory, which will give you a global idea of ​​what these soldiers starred in at the time.

  1. Derybasivska Street

The cafes and shops on Derybasivska Street are the heart of the city. In this pedestrian artery of Odessa you will find a certain bustle being the perfect place to take a break. Here you will observe the cosmopolitan spirit of the city’s inhabitants at any time of the day. The most fascinating thing about the avenue are its classic and elitist buildings from the 19th century.

  1. Museum of Modern Art of the East

It is probably not one of the most important things to do in Odessa on a day but if you want to have more contact with the art and traditions of the city, then do not hesitate to visit the Museum of Modern Art of the East. There, you will be able to witness many works by artists of the 20th century. They are works that stand out for their innovation and originality.

  1. The Port

Another of the essential places to see in Odessa is the seaport with pedestrianized parts. From here you will understand the importance of it for the economy of the oblast (province) and the country. Here in addition to appreciating the immensity of the sea, if you go at sunrise or sunset you will enjoy a magical moment.

  1. Beaches of Odessa

Like any place with a coast, in summer the influx of tourism occupies the beaches. Taking into account the 30 km of coastline of the city, there are many beaches but perhaps two are the best known Lanzheron and Otrada. The first of them is the most accessible and therefore the one that most people congregate, it also has numerous restaurants, cafes and bars, although from my point of view the beach of Otrada is much more fun.

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