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What to Watch on Netflix in September 2020

Want to know what’s trending on your favorite streaming platform in September 2020? Yes, I am talking about the amazing and entertaining shows on Netflix that are coming this September to kick your boredom away.

Do you know that Netflix has its roots back in 1997? At that time Netflix distributed DVDs by mail. From that time till present, one thing that has made Netflix rise is that they bring TV shows and movies that people would not get anywhere else. Today, in 2020, it has earned the title of the most used video streaming service!

Switching to Netflix has also got many advantages like it’s easy to use. You can access Netflix on your phone, tablet, computer or laptop. It is super affordable and includes shows in 20 different languages including Polish, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese and Spanish.

If you haven’t signed up to Netflix yet, it offers a 30-day trial period. So start some binge-watching this September as Netflix is bringing gems out of its treasure for its viewers.

Upcoming Movies in September 2020 on Netflix

“I’m Thinking of Ending Things”

Start your first weekend of September 2020 by watching this psychological horror film. This movie is based on the novel ‘I’m Thinking of Ending Things’ by Iain Reid. Experience how a young girl questions everything about this world and the things that she knows.

“Waiting for Superman”

Here’s a classic from 2010 that is now available on Netflix from September 2020. Although it is not available globally, if it is available in your region you must give it a watch. It is a story about the American education system and compares different types of schools in the state. The movie holds a great message.

“The Big Wedding”

Say yes to a comedy film from 2013 this September and enjoy a good laugh. See how a divorced couple manages to pretend to be married when the biological mother of their adopted child decides to visit them.

“The Devil All the Time”

Realizing on Netflix on September 16, 2020, this movie is posing a promising entertainer. A psychological thriller based on the novel ‘The Devil All the Time’ by Donald Ray, this movie has got some amazing characters. The movie is about how a boy fights the evil forces and would surely give you some spooky feels.

“Enola Holmes “

This movie is going to be a treat for all those who admired Millie Bobby Brown in the very famous Stranger Things! Starring Millie as Enola, the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes, this movie showcases her quest of finding her missing mother. So mark your calendar now as the movie is going to release on Netflix on September 23, 2020.

Upcoming TV Series in September 2020 on Netflix

“The Gift”

Season 2 of this Turkish drama fantasy is coming on Netflix this September. See how a painter in Istanbul gets connected with a mysterious symbol found by an archaeologist and her life turns upside down. How will she unravel the mystery and hidden secrets about her life?

“Family Business”

Welcome season 2 of this comedy series this September on Netflix. It is a Netflix original series that revolves around a failed entrepreneur who suddenly gets a great idea to run his business. It is a binge-worthy show with treats of humor and a great cast. If you are worried about catching up with your assignments, just find a subject expert who provides online assignment help in Melbourne and make time for studies and entertainment both.

“Sister, Sister”

The famous American sitcom that was premiered in 1994 has made its way to your life this September. Netflix is bringing all the six seasons as it promised to the viewers in July, Bradley Edwards, Netflix manager of content acquisition told that this one was the most recommended TV show from the viewers and this is why he worked out with the team to bring it on board.


This Australian prison drama is a must-watch. Although it will be released at the end of September 2020 I tell you, the wait will be worth it. It is one of the top 50 series on Netflix and one of the most-watched series in Australia. Olivia, an assignment editor from GoAssignmentHelp revealed to us that she has watched every episode of this show and always finds it as something to take off her mind from editing assignments from time to time.


Appearing on Netflix on September 18, 2020, with some ultimate horror thrills is Ratched. It is an American psychological horror drama web television series based on a novel. Watch how a nurse at a psychiatric hospital shows that people are not born as monsters but made so.

Upcoming Documentaries in September 2020 on Netflix

Before we go, here’s a list of some amazing documentaries that are striking this September on Netflix.

“The Social Dilemma”

Coming on September 9, 2020, this documentary tries to showcase the impact of social networking. We all have seen how social media is capturing our minds these days and is highly affecting our opinions and perspectives. One of the students seeking ‘my assignment help’ from Olivia once took a topic similar to this and they were shocked as they researched the negative effects of social media. Now finally here’s a documentary to show everyone something about social networking.

“Hope Frozen: A Quest to Live Twice”

The award-winning documentary from Thailand is here on Netflix! But mind you, it is not for the faint-hearted. This emotional story would make you question life and faith. However, it will show you the unconditional love that prevails in this universe.

“Many of us might have never heard of Cryonics until watching this documentary”, said one of the PhD experts at GoDissertationHelp. “But this movie will reveal many things about it and will make you think of Science in a whole new way.”

“My Octopus Teacher”

Arriving on September 7, 2020, this documentary is all about the friendship between humans and animals. Filmed in deep waters of Africa this show is about an octopus that develops a bond with a diver. It is perfect for those who love getting close to nature and understanding the life beneath the sea.

Steve, a proofreader at MyAssignmentHelp4U by profession and an all-time documentary admirer, told that he was thrilled to get the news about a Netflix original series like this. He enjoys watching documentaries because it helps him a lot in keeping his creativity levels higher.

A Little Binge-Watching is Good for You!

Netflix is everyone’s favorite as it has engaging shows for all generations. You will find the latest movies and TV series along with the best ones from the older days. It is good to watch a nice movie or a few episodes of your favorite tv show, especially for students who generally have a lot on their plates.

Students work hard throughout the year facing the cutthroat competition in class and the pressure of getting the best grades. Most of them are always wondering “how will I do my assignment on time”. But a little break from the monotonous study routine is good for their memory and creativity.

So take out some time from your schedule and watch some of these great TV shows, movies or documentaries that will not only entertain you but will also teach you simple things about life.