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What to Wear With a Camo Jacket ?

For decades now, the popularity of camo (or camouflage) clothing has kept growing in the world of fashion. This style comes in varieties for both men and women. Camo jackets may not be as trendy as leather or bomber jackets. However, it’s still a style on its own. It’s simply unique.

Camouflage prints are often used for military and army clothing. It’s also helpful in making fashion statements. It’s widespread to see camo clothing in most retail stores. They are also available at local thrift stores, where you can get them cheap. 

What can you wear with a camo jacket? This and more will be covered in this article. Keep reading to uncover different styles.

8 Tips for Rocking Your Camo Jacket 

What can I wear with my camo jacket? You can combine several clothes with a camo jacket or tiger stripe jacket to make a fashion statement. Below are a few ideas you may consider.

Use accessories 

Camo is often associated with masculine prints, but it also looks great on women. Additionally, adding accessories to this piece of clothing gives you the balance you crave. 

Gold and silver jewelry go well with any camo jacket. Use a smaller cross-body bag instead of a more extensive carryall type. Blend that with high heels or flats, not chunky boots or sneakers. Go as far as you desire in your choice of accessories.

Don’t blend it with animal print ?

Camouflage and animal prints always look alike. When you combine them as one, the entire outfit will feel occupied. Additionally, the presence of animal print makes associations related to hunting essentially inescapable. If you genuinely desire to attempt camo print mixing, also try to split it up with some vital pieces. Plaid, as well as other linear prints or designs, work best. However, let them be in small doses.

Jeans and t-shirt

A shirt and pants are a great choice for a casual outfit. If you need a simple outfit, wear your camo coat with a plain white shirt and denim pants – dark pants are also excellent. Add ankle boots or a pair of white sneakers to complete your look. The basic white shirt will give way to your military coat. 

Skirt and lace dresses

This is a fascinating blend. Lace expresses femininity as well as softness. On the other hand, the camo detail demonstrates grittiness and roughness. 

If you need a stylish female look and don’t have any lace dress, you can likewise go for a flowy white dress or any dress in a delicate pastel tone.

Top and skirt

Pair your camo jacket with a pencil skirt or dress if you desire a more dressed-up look. A stylish cowhide skirt is ideally suited for summer. For winter, a larger-than-usual sweater dress is perfect.

Simply ensure the color coordinates well with your camouflage jacket. Complete the look with a pair of charming nude pumps. Embellished with a nice necklace.

Tank top plus high-waisted pants or shorts

Rock your camo jacket with a tank top and high-waisted pants for a fun and coy look. Flaunt your midsection in a dark tank top or white shirt. Match this with distressed denim shorts or torn skinny pants or jeans. Add a few stylish accessories to complement the look. You can also wear a pair of combat boots to exude edgy energy.

Leggings and tank top

This combination is stylish as well as comfortable. It’s easy to rock your camo bomber with joggers/leggings and a tank top. Also, this is the ideal outfit for getting things done or working out. To have a feel of an easygoing look, match your joggers with a white tank top and a pair of nice shoes. Would you like to dress up the look? Simply select dark leggings and a couple of heels.

Black leather skirt and grey tee

This is one of those marginal outfits you can wear to work in more rational environments. Furthermore, it will help you feel more relaxed. You can wear a dark shirt with a high-waisted dark leather mini skirt to blend smoothly with your camo jacket – simply go for a larger-than-average camo jacket.  

What shoe combination goes with this style? Ballet flats or sneakers are perfect. The three extremely direct pieces blend so well that they make you feel very comfortable as well as stylish at the same time. And the colors you select also add to the energy. You can’t go wrong by experimenting with this combination. 


Camo clothing and jackets are currently trendy among men and women. To have that stylish and fun look, combine this jacket with other cool fashionable apparel and accessories. Finally, camo jackets are quite expensive but you can opt for a tiger jacket because it has stripes too.