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What Were the Biggest Hit TV Shows Of 2021?

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The past year was a great one for TV. Due to unpreceded events, TV’s star rose over Hollywood, putting everyone in front of the small compared to big screens. Netflix and Apple’s TV value soared in 2021, and the companies paid back the loyalty to their viewers with a terrific production of shows.

From completely new shows to returning favorites, 2021 was a great year for TV show buffs. While it’s ungrateful and challenging to pick the top 5, you can check out our favorites below.

Squid Game

Is there a more popular show than Squid Game right now? The absolute leader among most watched TV series on Netflix, it tells a crazy story of bizarre so-called squid games people are thrown in for different reasons. The lead character has a gambling debt to write off, joining the squid game to make it happen. Other characters are in it for other reasons, and the squid game itself is a string of bizarre challenges that only the strongest people can overcome.

While it’s all crazy fiction, there’s a lesson to be learned from the main character. If you happen to be playing in an NZ online casino, you should gamble responsibly. Who knows if you might end up in a squid game yourself trying to pay off a debt?

Midnight Mass

Horror fans were treated to a dessert by Netflix’s favourite scary show creator Mike Flanagan. An original TV show unlike Flanagan’s other Netflix creations, Midnight Mass tells a supernatural religious story on a small island in the middle of the sea.

It’s got the fishing hooks to draw you in and scary claws to keep you in. We’re not going to say another word more as we can spoil things for you. Midnight Mass is a slow-burning horror story from the genre’s visionary director, so it’s well worth a try if you’re in for scary hours.


Make mine Marvel definitely doesn’t apply to comics only. Disney’s or rather Marvel’s TV shows are top of the line as indicated by Wandavision. A fantastic story that brings the best out of Wanda and Vision, it was one of the most watched TV shows in 2021.

If you haven’t got to it yet, we don’t know what you’re waiting for. It may be a limited series, but it sets up future events in the Marvelverse perfectly.


Yet another fantastic Marvel show, Loki focuses on the fun Norse god of mischief. Get ready for plenty of magic, comic book homages, and loads of fun in this excellent TV series that might just get a season 2.

Ted Lasso

Everyone’s favorite football coach came back for another season in the middle of 2021. It was a great season too, making Ted Lasso one of the best original TV shows in the past decade, not just on Apple TV+. Jason Sudeikis is brilliant as Ted Lasso in a sports-based TV show every football fan should see.