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What You Need to Know About Car Shipping

What to Consider When Choosing a Car Carrier

There are many auto-shipping companies available today. However, finding a trusted car mover can take time and effort. When picking a car carrier, you must consider more than just the price. Instead, look at what others say about the company. A quick look at many negative reviews can show clear red flags about the company. After that, you must ensure the carrier has up-to-date insurance coverage as required by law. Insurance is essential because it protects your car against any potential damages.

You can ship your car in many ways, including using a trailer or long distance car towing. An open trailer is the best option if you’re on a budget. Although this method is cheaper, the vehicles transported are prone to theft, damage, and weather. Most open trailer carriers use chains to secure vehicles. However, these chains can loosen and cause damage to the car. A better way is to use closed trailers, especially for luxury vehicles. That’s because most car shipping companies near me use nylon straps to secure the vehicles to avoid damage or theft of vehicles. 

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How Do Car Shipments Work?

The car shipping process can be confusing, especially for people experiencing it for the first time. The first step involves receiving quotes or estimates from auto carriers. It’s essential to give correct information to the shipping company to get an accurate quote. Next, you need to determine the date of delivery. The actual date varies depending on factors such as weather and road conditions. Car shipping companies need to have standard insurance when transporting vehicles. Understanding what insurance covers your vehicle in transit is essential. 

How Do You Calculate the Cost of Shipping a Car?

Car shipping costs are always unpredictable. To arrive at the final price, car shipping companies consider factors such as distance, the type of auto transport you select, and the year’s season. Moving during summer or holidays can be costly because car transport is in high demand. It’s best to review estimates from different companies before making an informed decision. NearbyMovers car shipping cost calculator is a great tool that uses advanced technology to generate fast and accurate shipping costs based on the information entered. 

The total distance covered forms the primary basis for calculating shipping costs. In essence, longer distances mean more auto shipping costs plus a discounted price per mile. The shipping calculator provides the best moving quote for any auto shipment. Besides distance, areas with high populations cause traffic congestion because of poor road networks or adverse weather. This affects transport times and costs.

Can You Pack Your Car While Shipping?

Although the law allows loading your vehicle while moving, many car shipping companies are against the practice. That’s because the vehicles are exposed to theft and damage during transport. Most shippers prefer all goods to be loaded under window lines to avoid theft. As the shipper makes many rest stops, people passing by may rob you if your vehicle is exposed. Most shippers aren’t insured against this risk; hence they don’t want to be held responsible. In addition, vehicles filled with belongings pose a threat to all other cars on the trailer. 

When one car has many goods, burglars may break into all the other vehicles thinking they have the same amount of valuables. This can cause hefty fees for shipping firms and lengthy claims. Thus, loading items to the shipper is unfair to others paying for the same trip. That’s because you may expose their vehicles to easily avoided hazards. Additionally, the items loaded in your vehicle may be damaged by jostling around during transit. Car shipments have weight limits. Thus, loading your car will increase transportation costs.

Should You Wash Your Car Before Shipping?

Most people can remember to remove valuables from their car but overlook washing or documenting before shipping it. You should not skip this process because it can lead to extra expenses if your car gets damaged. Before transporting your car, you need to clean it thoroughly. This allows you to see any scratches or dents on your vehicle. 

You should also properly clean your vehicles inside and exterior. Pay strict attention to items like rims and tires. It’s easy to identify any damage to a car if it’s cleaned. Check it and record any existing dents or scratches. It’s also best to take photos for future reference. After the journey, it’s best to perform a second examination. That’s because you want to ensure your car didn’t sustain extra damage during shipping. Cleaning your vehicle may take a few minutes, but it may help you see any potential damage missed before moving.

Do Cars Get Damaged in Shipping?

It’s rare for a car to get damaged while shipping. However, this can happens because of the shipper’s or the owner’s fault. When a vehicle is damaged in transit, sometimes it’s the shipper’s mistake. That occurs when the shipping company fails to secure the vehicle properly. However, most car shipping companies have insurance to cover any damages when shipping. Remember to read the shipper’s contract and understand its details.

It’s the owner’s fault for failing to check the vehicle’s steers or brakes when shipping. The shipper can only report if a car is damaged because of the owner’s action or inaction. Besides, they would argue that they wouldn’t cover any expenses since they aren’t liable for the damage to the car. As such, disputes always arise, but if the condition exists in the contract, the owner can’t take any further action. That’s why asking the shipper about it before shipping is essential. 

Bottom Line

Choosing a top-rated shipping company is best if you want to ship your car. NearbyMovers Our shipping company will deliver your vehicle to your door hassle-free. Contact us today for the best car moving experience in the business.