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What You Should Expect When Hiring a Professional Transcription Company

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In this fast-growing technological era, it is nearly possible to perform every business operation at a click of a button, and from anywhere across the world. And you are on the right side of history if you know that video and audio files can easily be converted into verbatim scripts by simply pushing a button. The modern-day transcription systems enable industries like the legal, media, and medical professions to create scripts of video and audio files for current and future use. However, hiring professional transcription services is not an option familiar to most companies. This is mostly because of businesses’ inept management of risks and challenges associated with transcription or having zero understanding of what professional transcription is about.

Wondering what to expect when hiring a professional transcription company? Here is a guide.

Multiple Service Options

If you thought that hiring a professional transcription company would offer you only one form of data conversion, then you have had this all wrong. Generally, there are four basic types of transcription services, each of which brings you a wide range of benefits and functionalities. These transcription service types include edited, intelligent, verbatim, and phonetic transcriptions.

While verbatim transcription converts every sound in an audio or video into a written script, edited transcription takes into account the relevant parts of a speech only. On the other hand, intelligent transcription clarifies an edited script by excluding emotions and applying paraphrasing skills with paraphrasing tool. Phonetic transcription applies symbols to represent speech sounds visually.


Transcription is like any other profession. The people working behind transcription services are individuals skilled and experienced in the field of transcription. Unknown to many, professional transcribers have a background in different sectors, through which they have mastered the technicalities and jargon associated with specified industries. Working with a professional company is guided by a code of conduct to ensure that your transcription project is handled with the highest level of accuracy.

Data Security and Confidentiality

Transcription companies have access to confidential files and other critical pieces of business information. Professional transcriptionists understand this and will put all the necessary security measures in place to safeguard your data. Therefore, there is no cause for alarm on whether your company data may fall into the wrong hands. Always go for transcription providers that provide data security guarantees such as website encryption, antivirus tools, and authentication protocols.

Faster Turnaround Times

Professional transcription companies are best defined by faster turnaround times. Most clients demand projects and milestones completed within hours, and transcription specialists have all it takes to get the job done. Transcription pundits have invested years mastering the skill, allowing them to offer speedy services. They know how to handle projects of varying magnitudes, an experience newbies lack.

High Level of Transcription Accuracy

If you are looking for error-free scripts and files, professional transcriptionists will get you what you need. In addition to having greater transcription experiences, these companies have high-level proficiency in applying proper grammar. Again, professional transcription providers work with teams of skilled transcriptionists highly acquainted with industrial jargon and processes. This means that your project will be taken up by transcriptionists with skills and experience in your field of specialty.

GoTranscript follows a 4-step to maximize quality and accuracy, including transcription, review, proofreading, and quality check.

Data Storage

Professional transcription companies not only convert your files into readable scripts, but they also provide data storage systems to secure your files. The advantage of this functionality is that all your transcripts will be readily available even when you have technical difficulties with your servers or networks.

Affordable Service

Transcription services are always deemed to be quite expensive for companies working under tight budgets. Consequently, most businesses will hire freelance transcribers or get their employees to transcribe specified files. However, shifting workers from crucial departments to work on a transcription project will slow down profitable operations that may injure the health of your business. On the other hand, freelancers might not always be available to help you sort our inefficiencies and errors detected in a project.

In the long term, the cost of using your employees or freelancers to transcribe a project may be way higher than hiring a professional transcription company. Apparently, professionals can handle chunks of projects simultaneously, a move that can lower your transcription budget significantly.