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What You Should Know About Chat GPT

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What distinguishes GPT-4 from GPT-3?

GPT-4 is essentially the same as GPT-3, which it replaced. New additions, though, give the software’s capabilities a boost.

The main difference between Chat GPT and GPT-4 is that GPT-4 allows users to submit up to 25,000 words, an increase of 8 times the number allowed by ChatGPT.

In addition, OpenAI claims that their most recent technology creates fewer errors they are referring to as “hallucinations.” Previously, ChatGPT might get lost, respond to your query with nonsense, or even submit stereotypes or incorrect information.

Additionally, GPT-4 is more adept at expressing inventiveness and toying with language. ChatGPT was requested to summarise a blog post using just words that begin with the letter “g” as part of OpenAI’s presentation of the new technology. It also comprehends poetry and other forms of creative writing better, while it is still far from flawless.

Additionally, OpenAI demonstrated the potential of employing graphics as prompt initializers. For instance, the team displayed a picture of an ingredient-filled refrigerator along with the question, “What can I make with these products?” A step-by-step recipe was then returned by ChatGPT.

OpenAI also suggests the use of video for prompts, albeit it wasn’t proven. Theoretically, users may enter videos with a written instruction for the language model to understand.

Although using photographs to create recipes is a brilliant use of technology, using images with ChatGPT is just the beginning. Additionally, the business showed that it was possible to build an entire website that ran JavaScript from a simple scribbled drawing.

GPT-3 mainly competed with authors and journalists as a tool to fulfil tasks typically carried out by humans. GPT-4 is being demonstrated as having the capacity to produce websites, finish tax reports, compile recipes, and manage reams of legal data. To use chat gpt visit this link (

GPT-4 will be accessible when?

When will the most recent version of ChatGPT be available to you now that GPT-4 has been announced? The GPT-4 version of ChatGPT will initially be accessible to users of the Pro software version (a $20/month premium plan).

This plan is presently only accessible through a somewhat lengthy waiting list. Other advantages include availability during periods of high demand and quicker response times.

It is still unknown if the free version will be updated. Even if OpenAI decides to switch the free plan to GPT-4, it probably won’t happen for a while.

As an alternative, GPT-4 is now being used by Microsoft’s new version of Bing. There is a waiting for this as well, but unlike ChatGPT Pro, this is a free service.

When ChatGPT is completely booked, what does that mean?

If you try to use ChatGPT and an error message stating that it is “at capacity” appears, this most likely implies that there are now too many users of the AI tool online.

In essence, there is a limit to the amount of traffic that the OpenAI servers can manage. The servers for ChatGPT can crash if too many users attempt to access it at once.

The error message “ChatGPT is at capacity right now” indicates that you should try again later. You can try to reload the website and other things, but time will eventually fix this.

What exactly does ChatGPT mean?

ChatGPT’s ‘GPT’ stands for a generative pre-trained transformer.

Can a CV be written using ChatGPT?

You must offer ChatGPT with information about your relevant experience, the type of job you’re applying for, and possibly additional details, such as pasting an outdated CV or an example of one for a related industry. ChatGPT won’t create a CV for you out of thin air.

Exists an app for ChatGPT?

On your iPhone or iPad, you can download the official ChatGPT app for no cost. Simply join in with your OpenAI account after downloading and installing everything to start working.

Although there isn’t an official ChatGPT app for Android smartphones yet, one is being created.

What does ChatGPT cost, and how does it work?

You can easily join up for and use ChatGPT for free by doing the following:

Go to the ChatGPT website and register there.

Wait until your account has been approved (if you already have a Dall-E 2 account, you can skip this step).

After logging in, you’ll see a fairly straightforward website. A few sample prompts are provided, along with some details on ChatGPT’s functionality.

There is a text box at the bottom of the page. You can ask ChatGPT any queries or give prompts here.

Note that you must enter a valid phone number throughout the signup procedure. According to OpenAI, a phone number is required to validate your account for security purposes and that it is never used for any other purpose.

The ChatGPT iOS app is available for download from the Apple App Store for Apple users. There isn’t currently an Android equivalent, but ChatGPT will soon be available on Android smartphones, according to OpenAI. Owners of Android devices can still access ChatGPT’s online interface by using their search engines in the meantime.

ChatGPT is still available for free to use right now. OpenAI has now unveiled ChatGPT Pro, a paid version with extra features.

Users of this programme will have priority access, faster load speeds, and early access to updates and new features for a monthly fee of $20 (£16).

The free version is still available right now, but it’s not clear if that will change in the future.