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What You Should Know About the League of Legends ADC Champions

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The ADC is a vital role for every champion in the League of Legends. The ADC’s primary role is to destroy opponents, minions, and monsters. While doing this, they should also accumulate gold and push their line. Despite being crown champions, they are not immune to attacks. They are the most vulnerable and easiest targets, and you need to protect them at every cost. To ensure you can win with the ADC, below is everything you need to know about them

1) Choose Only the Best

Being the primary source of damage to opponents, you cannot afford to choose weak players. Go for champions with high statistics or high on each tier. Since they play as a team with others, go for teammates that compensate for the champion’s skills. This helps create a strong team by increasing the general strength and tactical power for maximum advantage. With many champions to choose from, you can check here for the most recommended combination. You should also avoid matches with opponents that can beat you.

Additionally, avoid locations that create rough terrain for your ADC, as this makes it tough to push the lane and beat the enemy simultaneously. To get better at this, choose a few beginner-friendly champions and play them repeatedly. This gives you an insight on how to go about it before playing major leagues and losing.

2) Last Hitting

A win in League of Legends is attained by overpowering the opponent. To achieve this, you need to have the best armor and power. Killing minions is one way of getting it all. The minions carry gold that you can collect and use to purchase powerful items to fight with. Their death also weakens the opponent’s ADC making them an easier target for elimination. Do this during the first phase of the match, as this gives you an added advantage. However, try and kill minions on target to avoid wasting armor.  Avoid overkill immediately if possible, as this leaves you without any weapons and weak for the following levels. The best players for this role are jugglers who can initiate play, disrupt the opponent and farm the gold.

3) Team Fighting

ADC requires a team, and you need each teammate focused on the goal ahead. For this to happen, you need strategies put in place. For an early lead, consider playing the offensive by damage trading. Attack the opponent and weaken them very early into the match. This weakens the enemy and increases your chances of killing them. While doing this, constantly keep safe by dodging and staying out of range from the opponent’s kill shots. Move-in small steps to ensure your defense is in place at all times. You can also avoid moving out of your zone by freezing the lane. This gives you a tactical advantage as most attackers break their defense while moving. Re-strategize when compromised as the match is dynamic. This is best achieved in the laning phase.