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When Mortgages Go Mobile: Mr. Cooper Mobile App Review

There’s an app for everything, including understanding your mortgage!

As one of the country’s premier mortgage lenders, Mr. Cooper understands the value of having key mortgage information at your fingertips 24/7. That’s why Mr. Cooper developed its exclusive and revolutionary app: Mr. Cooper with Home Intelligence.

Available for both Apple and Android devices, this mobile app brings your mortgage information to the mobile world like never before. Let’s break down this app in detail and explore its main features and benefits.

What is the Mr. Cooper with Home Intelligence Mobile App?

The Mr. Cooper with Home Intelligence app is a revolutionary tool to track your home’s value and get all the information you might ever need about your mortgage with the press of a button. It’s a secure app that allows you to sign in using your face or fingerprint ID technology, ensuring that no one else can access your important information or financial details.

A companion for any homeowner, this mobile app harnesses AI and machine learning to help you:

  • Master your finances
  • Enhance your homeownership experience
  • Give you the tools you need to make smart mortgage decisions

In short, it’s the perfect companion for a homeowner who wants more information when paying off their mortgage, deciding how much to put toward debt, and determining the home values of other properties in the neighborhood.

After being released in 2018, the Mr. Cooper with Home Intelligence app garnered top reviews on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store, where it is still available today. Users may navigate to each of its major features and controls through a streamlined, simplistic interface designed for ease-of-use above all else.

Key Features

Not sure whether the Mr. Cooper with Home Intelligence app is worth your time? Let’s take a look at its most important features so you can determine whether this platform is a good addition to your mobile device.

Track Estimated Equity

Firstly, the Mr. Cooper with Home Intelligence app allows you to track your home’s estimated equity as it shifts with time. If your mortgage is through Mr. Cooper, it’s easier than ever to track your home’s value as you make regular payments and as the housing market increases in value.

This may be helpful for:

  • Determining whether you can refinance your home (or should)
  • Determining the ideal selling price if you plan to sell your home
  • And more

Bottom line: by allowing you to track your home’s estimated equity, you always know the value of the property you live in. That’s an invaluable financial tool for any homeowner.

View Neighborhood Trends

More broadly, the Mr. Cooper with Home Intelligence mobile app allows you to check mortgage and housing transfer homes in your neighborhood. Again, this can be great if you’re planning on selling your property in the near future.

Projections for Mortgage Payments

Perhaps more importantly, the Mr. Cooper with Home Intelligence mobile app allows you to project what your mortgage may look like if you switch up your mortgage payments or schedule. Ever wondered how much money you would save if you paid more each month toward your mortgage?

With this app, you can. The Mr. Cooper with Home Intelligence app allows you to see how paying extra toward your loan each month may accelerate full homeownership under your name. The reverse is also true; if you need to cut back on mortgage payments for one reason or another, the app will let you see the total financial results of that decision.

Money-Saving and Debt Repayment Tips

Mr. Cooper believes that all homeowners deserve to know the best strategies for saving money and repaying debt. That’s why this mobile app offers a variety of tutorials and strategy guides you can leverage to:

  • Save money, both through your mortgage and through other means
  • Manage your debt without having to do in-depth research through debt consolidation loans, cash-out refinancing, and more
  • Discover personalized payment plans or strategies to manage your home and its mortgage. The Mr. Cooper with Home Intelligence app can show you the pros and cons of options like second mortgages, cash-out refinancing, and so on

Instant Access to Mortgage Pros

The Mr. Cooper with Home Intelligence app even gives you instant access to Mr. Cooper mortgage professionals. If you ever want to get ideas straight from the folks who do this for a living, you’re in luck. This isn’t the same thing as a chat bot: with this mobile app, you’ll be able to get a real human on the line if you have a major question at any point. 

With Mr. Cooper’s mortgage professionals on your side, you can make sounder financial decisions and feel confident in your choices, whether it’s signing up for a new loan, refinancing your home, or consolidating your debt for easier monthly payments.

Additional Features

On top of all these major features, Mr. Cooper with Home Intelligence offers ancillary benefits including:

  • Tips so you can learn how to unlock cash using your home’s current equity – an especially good tool if you need to fund a major purchase or renovate your home without paying out-of-pocket
  • Ways to lower your monthly mortgage payment
  • Tips so you can pay off debt using your home equity
  • Bundling scenarios, which allow you to get rid of high-interest debt if you have multiple debts under your name
  • FICO score monitoring (for primary borrowers only)
  • Access to important loan documents

Is Mr. Cooper with Home Intelligence Right for You?

Ultimately, the Mr. Cooper with Home Intelligence app is the go-to choice for homeowners who’ve financed their property through Mr. Cooper. The app has a sleek interface, a variety of tools and tutorials, and can help you maximize your homeownership in several ways.

Even better, the app is totally free! There’s no reason not to give it a try when you can download it and see everything it has to offer without paying a penny. Try the Mr. Cooper with Home Intelligence app today and see what you think!