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When Should You Hire a Cloud ERP Solutions Expert?

An ERP consultant often plays a key role in the successful implementation  and use of your custom ERP software. Moreover, it’s their expertise that can set you apart from your competition, and guarantee you get your money’s worth from the solution.

So, by recognizing the correct time to bring on your ERP consultant and acting right then and there, you’ll ensure you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

There are three distinct stages at which bringing on an ERP expert will play a key role in implementing the software to your advantage. So, starting from our recommended timeframe to the last stage you can wait for — here are the three key stages for when you should hire a cloud ERP solutions expert.

#1. Before Purchasing an ERP Solution

The vast majority of industry experts agree that the best time to introduce ERP consultancy to your team is at the very beginning of the process. Meaning, you won’t go wrong if you hire an expert to help you choose the ERP solution for your business. After all, the professionals have a vast knowledge of the software itself and are well aware of its capabilities and limitations. 

Not only that, ERP consultants have years of priceless experience in the business and have seen which software works best for certain companies. So, they’ll be able to find the most realistically optimal solution for you, based on various key factors. Additionally, they’ll take your budget into account, as well as your future plans to see whether the software can keep up with you and you with it. 

#2. During the Implementation Process

Should you decide to purchase an ERP solution on your own, you still ought to consider hiring an ERP consultant to help implement it. Namely, the implementation process is an extremely stressful and difficult time for those who aren’t experts in ERP software. With so many different aspects of the business and the software itself it can be extremely difficult to implement the software correctly. 

This is exactly where the ERP consultant comes in to save the day. They’ll evaluate the software, your business’s and teams’ needs and capabilities, and set everything up to work in your favor. Finally, they can help develop strategies and train your employees and teach them how to use all of the different tools and features as intended.

#3. in Lieu of Maintenance and Further Improvement

There will likely come a time in the future when your ERP software isn’t working right, or its use becomes inadequate. After all, maintenance and improvement are necessary with most business operations, and ERP software is no different. 

So, once you’ve purchased and implemented the ERP solution , don’t think it’s too late to call in the calvary. On the contrary, at this stage, an ERP expert will ensure your software and employees are up to date and in perfect working condition.

Final Thoughts

As the old saying goes There’s no time like the present, so it’s arguably never too late (or too soon) to hire an ERP consultant. However, should you choose to listen to our advice and bring on the expert at the beginning stages of the process, you’ll surely ease your business and employees into using an ERP solution. Not only that, you’ll ensure the software is used properly, and to the most of its abilities.