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When Should You Use Regression Tests for Microsoft Dynamics 365?

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Regression testing is a practice aimed at ensuring that the application continues to function properly after any code changes, improvements or updates. It is responsible for the stability and effectiveness of the existing software features. Therefore, companies should regularly run regression tests for their operational systems to ensure their high quality. If you use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to manage your business, check out our guide on conducting such tests in Executive Automats!

Regression testing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is typically used in the following circumstances:

  • A new feature has been added to the application.
  • A new requirement has been added to an existing feature.
  • The source code has been optimized to improve performance.
  • Changes have been made to the software configuration.
  • Patch fixes were added.

Regression tests provide product teams with the necessary feedback and let them quickly react to possible complications. They detect errors at an early stage of implementation, which allows you to avoid unnecessary expenses on removing accumulated defects. It happens that an apparently insignificant change causes a domino effect and limits the efficiency of specific processes. Regression tests prevent this from happening.

How to run regression tests in Microsoft Dynamics 365

The regression testing process depends on the structure of the organization and its business goals. However, it can usually be boiled down to the following steps:

  1. Detecting changes in the source code.
  2. Choosing product priorities and requirements.
  3. Defining entry point and criteria.
  4. Defining starting point.
  5. Test planning.

When the tests are planned and written in detail, you will need an intuitive program to carry them out. In the case of Microsoft Dynamics 365, it is best to rely on the innovative Executive Automats tool. You can try it for free and learn how to use the tool effectively under the supervision of its technicians.

Regression tests in Executive Automats

Executive Automats is a tool that will allow you to automate regression tests and thus increase the efficiency of operations in Microsoft Dynamics 365. In this case, creating test scripts is very simple because it is based on recording actions performed by the users. Ready tests can be easily modified and supplemented with advanced functions. When you are done creating your scripts, you will be able to run them under any conditions and with varied data.

In order to ensure the continuous development of your company, you should optimize the work of your teams and avoid unnecessary errors in  critical systems. Regression tests in Microsoft Dynamics 365, carried out with the use of the functional Executive Automats platform, will help you with this!