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Where is My Parcel? The Ultimate Online Tracking Tool, “Ordertracker”

Shopping online is more fun when you can track and trace your packages without a hassle. Here are some handy tips for package tracking.

Where is my parcel ? The ultimate online tracking tool, “Ordertracker”

When you place an order for an item from an e-commerce store, the parcel is first approved by the store before it will go for shipping. You can then use China post tracking to trace your item. Some e-commerce websites have their own courier, which means they handle their shipments themselves. Some e-commerce businesses use a third-party business to handle the logistics of parcels. 

China Post is an example of such a business. They handle most of the delivery that is in China. Ordertracker is a tracking tool that you can use to perform China Post tracking, 4px tracking, AliExpress tracking, Yun Express tracking, and a lot more. So basically, Ordertracker is a way to keep tabs on the courier service that is transporting your order.  

How does Ordertracker work ?

Tracking simply means trying to locate something. Ordertracker is a tracking tool that is designed for the sole purpose of locating parcels that have yet to reach their final destination. It does this when you input the tracking number. It is a universal tool that works with many courier services and delivery platforms to track orders accurately up to delivery. So basically, Ordertracker is a way to keep tabs on the courier service that is transporting your order.

The tracking number

The tracking number is generated by the supplier which is the e-commerce business. It enables the buyer to track the packages. The number is unique and different depending on the store that you order from.  

Courier detection

Some tracking tools may ask for the name of the courier company delivering your package. In some cases, this may be easy to know, especially if e-commerce businesses operate their logistics themselves. But other times you may not know the exact one being used. Ordertracker does not need the name of the courier as well. You only need the tracking number, which should be sent to you after the item has been shipped. The location of the courier shows up automatically. It also has the option to select the courier manually if you know it. But this makes everything a lot easier.  

Delivery time estimate

Another perk that comes with using a tracking tool like Ordertracker is that you get an estimate of when your order will arrive. This depends on the e-commerce service that is shipped and the information that they are privy to. Ordertracker tracks the package from start to finish, giving detailed information about the package’s current situation at every stage. The date to receive the package Ordertracker will predict it ahead of time to let you prepare for it. so that you don’t get caught unawares.  

Right fit for a new e-commerce company

Thinking of starting an online store or already have one and looking for how to provide tracking? The right tool for that business is Ordertracker, as it can be easily integrated into online stores. Stores created using Shopify can have Ordertracker integrated with ease into them. For those that are made using Shopify, JavaScript is used to run Ordertracker on them. The great thing about using Ordertracker for new stores is that you can customize the appearance to fit your brand. 

This allows you to stay true to your brand and its name while implementing the power of Ordertracker. Customers sometimes worry when their orders are handled by different services because they fear they may get missing or damaged. Dropshipping helps to keep these details under wraps to put the customer’s mind at rest. Support is also provided for customers to reduce manual input for more efficiency.  


The features of Ordertracker are many and help to make online ordering feel safer and more trustworthy.