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Where to Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card in 2022

There are many reasons for the popularity of BTC. Firstly, this is one of the best investments currently available. It is entirely fair, since it depends not on the central authority but on the mathematical formulas embedded in the code. Everyone is equal in the bitcoin network- there are no users with privileges.

Secondly, bitcoin is a good option for diversifying your portfolio. Despite the high volatility of this asset, it shows an upward trend in the long term. BTC is becoming more and more recognized and accepted as a payment method. Of course, due to volatility, it is difficult to predict how much bitcoin will cost even in a month. Therefore, we don’t recommend you to invest all your savings in BTC. However, it is a good option for diversifying your portfolio. Before purchasing BTC, you should carefully weigh all risks and benefits of this decision.

The main ways to buy bitcoin with credit card

Let’s consider the most popular methods of buying bitcoins, which are suitable for both beginners and experienced users. Choose the one that best suits your requirements.


Almost all top cryptocurrency exchanges allow BTC purchasing with credit cards. But to do this, you need to verify your identity. This is a result of a strict anti-money laundering policy. This verification includes the confirmation of passport data, photo, address, and (in some cases) payment card. After passing the verification procedure, you need to replenish your exchange account with a credit card and then purchase bitcoin or other digital assets. Please note that some exchanges charge a top-up fee.


Speaking of exchange services, bank cards are one of the most popular methods to exchange currency. All exchangers work in almost the same way. You choose the desired currencies and fill out an application, indicating the address of your BTC wallet, then pay for the application with a credit card and wait for the BTC to be credited to your wallet (which may take some time due to the high workload in BTC blockchain).

As a rule, the fee is included in the exchange rate, which means that you get the amount indicated in the application. However, some exchangers may charge additional fees.

p2p exchange platforms

P2P exchange platforms enable users to exchange assets with each other on their own terms (and not on those set by a centralized body). These platforms provide functionality for creating offers, where users themselves can choose the desired payment method, exchange rate, etc. Other users use the search filters to find the deals that meet their requirements and respond to them. At the time of the transaction, the cryptocurrency is frozen on a special escrow account, and the buyer transfers fiat money directly to the seller’s credit card. When the seller confirms that they have received the payment, the bitcoins are released and transferred to the target address. Most of these platforms charge a transaction fee only from users who create ads.

To buy bitcoin with credit card is very simple and convenient. However, the main drawback of this method is a lack of anonymity (since most services require proof of identity or card ownership). Choose only safe and time-tested platforms with a good reputation and protect client confidentiality.