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Where to Find the Best Christmas Cards?

Do you want to have the best Christmas cards of all time? The best option is Boomf, a platform specializing in all kinds of cards, including Christmas cards. If you want to stand out among your friends, guests and family, check them out.

You can customize Christmas cards and send them to everyone you want. Use it as a decorative element in your gifts, to invite them to your Christmas party or dinner, share happiness with others or simply send a thank you. Let’s see what Boomf can offer you in Christmas cards.

What types of Christmas cards does Boomf have?

Personalize your Christmas cards on Boomf. Among the most interesting options are the standard and large version. You can include a flying butterfly or a confetti explosion to your card for an extra surprise.

Personalize your Christmas card

The online personalization feature is really amazing. You can add images, photos, videos, text and decorative arts. You have options from Boomf’s gallery or use one of your own. For example, a photo with that person you are looking to surprise with your little Christmas gift. You can add details both on the cover and inside.

Large Christmas cards

Unlike the standard model, which comes with traditional measures (144mm x 144 mm), the large Christmas card measures 210mm x 210 mm. Also, it can be edited and adjusted to your needs depending on the gift or tastes of the recipient. 

Types of Boomf Christmas cards

Boomf Christmas cards come in three designs. In addition to the standard model, which is static and the most economical, there are others that we present below:

  • Ta-dah. This one comes with an exciting burst of confetti that will surprise that special person. It can be a photo or a message that pops out.
  • Flutter. It’s a surprise that will make the Christmas card flutter like a cute butterfly.
  • Wild. It’s a wild surprise full of emotion through a cute 3D character.

How to create Christmas cards?

Although Boomf has a customized Christmas card system, there are options you can make yourself at home. With recycled material or buy one already made, and simply decorate it to your liking. Here are some recommendations.

Recycled material

Take all those materials that are no longer in use at home and start designing your Christmas cards. You can personalize them to send them to everyone. As an invitation or to accompany a Christmas gift.

Among the elements to consider are the colors red, green, white and those in trend for this year. In addition, extra decorations such as Christmas trees, Santa’s beard, Christmas boots, snowflakes, gift bows, among others.

Buy one and improve it

You can buy one already made, and simply adjust it to your needs. For example, look for one with music and add extra elements of your interest. Also, you can try looking for pre-designed Christmas card options on the Internet, and simply adjust it with certain design programs.

Look to the experts: Boomf

You can save yourself the whole process of searching for recycled material or the web. Boomf has the best options for Christmas cards. With different motifs, effects, designs, colors and texts. In addition, you have the option to customize them with everything you want.

So don’t wait. Browse online Christmas card collections, choose the design for you, personalise it with your photos and text, and send them on their way. The entire process couldn’t be easier, and you can even create your own card from scratch and upgrade it to a special product featuring colorful confetti. When it comes to Christmas cards, you can let your creativity run wild.