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Where to Get the Best Rates for Workers Compensation

Why is it important to get the best rates for Workers Compensation? Legally, you have to have Workers Comp, but you do not have to pay a fortune for it! As such, this insurance is a legal requirement in all 50 states. Moreover, project owners will not allow you on site without proof of Workers Compensation Insurance.

On average, Workers Comp will cost you between $5,000 and $8,000 per employee based on the risk involved with the job. As such, this coverage protects your employees and business in case of injury on the job. Payouts go towards lost wages, medical bills, lawsuits, and death benefits if fatalities occur. Furthermore, without Workers Compensation cover, you will pay out of pocket for any claims made. You may also have to pay large fines.

This is article 4 of our 5 part series.  Let’s look at how we can help your company by getting the best rates for Workers Compensation. 

Get The Best Rates For Workers Compensation

At Contractors Liability, we offer industry expertise backed by twenty years’ experience. We have an A+ track record with agents ready to provide a free quote within the hour. Moreover, we offer excellent rates and guidance on Workers Compensation coverage for your construction business.

7 Reasons To Get Workers Compensation With Us

Let’s look at 7 more reasons why Contractors Liability is your go-to agent for the best Workers Compensation rates.

  • We are Bi-lingual and will communicate with you in your language of choice whether English or Spanish.
  • Our knowledgeable agents are ready to help. They will promptly review your operations and make sure you are properly covered for Workers Comp.
  • We will also review your Workers Compensation experience modification worksheet. This means you can access discounts your business is entitled to.
  •  Our agents will give you advice on the right insurance for your business at the lowest cost.
  • We’ll go the extra mile and obtain your loss, runs, and claims history on your behalf
  • Our agents offer obligation free quotes to you within the hour. We have access to various regional and national carriers across 50 states. Our team will prepare three quotes for you to choose from.
  • We understand the time sensitivity on construction matters. Our agents guarantee an insurance certificate in four hours. Our excellent customer service, rated best in the industry, will attend to you promptly and never leave you hanging.

We Offer The Best Rates On Other Construction Insurance Too

At Contractor Liability, we focus exclusively on Construction Insurance.  That’s why our insurance agents are the experts. We know the construction industry well.  We know what can go wrong. And, we know how costly, both financially and time-wise, that can be for you.  At Contractors Liability we will give you guidance on Workers Comp, General Contractor Liability, Commercial Auto insurance, and Builder’s Risk insurance.

Our extensive knowledge and access to top carriers means we get you different financing and payment options on your Construction Insurance that other local agents do not have.

Get your obligation free quote at Contractors Liability today.  Call 888-676-0923 for an obligation