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Which Are the Best Cities to Retire in Italy?

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We believe that most of you should have already heard that Italy is one of the most amazing places to settle down after retirement. However, there is a solid chance you won’t be aware that the living style varies greatly from one city to another.  There is no doubt Italy is a terrific place for retiring in Italy, even if you are a foreigner to enjoy golden years perfectly. Our team has appropriately researched and narrowed it down to create a list of Italy’s best cities to retire with style!

  • Apulia

This area has many beautiful coastal towns and cities like Bari, Brindisi, and Monopoli that can be dream destinations for retirees. It is equipped with a gorgeous coastline whose charm is pretty unique in its own sense. 

Another thing that makes this place amazing is friendly and welcoming people who are very helpful for people who don’t speak Italian. This facility can be very useful for pensioners who are planning to retire to Italy. Also, you won’t see many tourists, making it a perfect place to live for retirees. 

  • Tuscany

Many couples want to enjoy a super enjoyable life after retirement. In that case, we will suggest visiting the Tuscany region that is home to superb vineyards and beautiful landscapes. The chances are quite low your mind will wish to leave this place. 

That’s not all; it has quite a thrilling community that gives a relaxing life to pensioners. It is a highly rich combination of natural beauty, wine, and colorful culture that will make things enjoyable for sure. 

  • Sicily

Sicily is an excellent option to choose for individuals who love to live in the island region. It is a luxurious place with terrific dining options and alluring white-sand beaches to make things unbelievable for retirees. Many breathtaking beaches make sure you have a fully relaxing experience in this town. 

You will be amazed to know the city has pretty amazing properties that can be bought at an affordable price. If you want to enjoy a completely natural landscape, there is no way you should look at any other place while planning to retire in Italy. 

  • Lazio

Lazio can’t be left off from this article due to its exclusive healthcare and quite amazing expat community. There is a great range of public and private hospitals available in this town to keep all things right for the seniors. 

However, it is a little bit costly to live in this town when compared with other options we have mentioned above. However, the livelier retirement possibility that this city offer is harder to get matched anywhere else. 

  • Rome

We know many couples prefer cities while thinking about retire to Italy. If you are one of them, then Rome can be your exclusive choice for sure. It is a fantastic city having a vast range of food and rich culture. You will never find any shortage of tourists from your home country in this city as people from all over the world visit it annually. 

Also, it is a pretty beautiful city that can bring incredible sort of happiness to the residents. Living your retired life here can be simply a dream turned true for most couples.

  • Le Marche

Le Marche is another nice place to retire in Italy thanks to the glorious landscape and amazing cost of living. Also, we can’t forget to mention the incredible food that people can enjoy here. With a population of just over 100,000, it is perfect for living a peaceful life after retirement. 

You will also find many beaches nearby to enjoy a fully relaxing weekend here. In simple words, everything is perfect in this city for retirees.


Which of these cities looked lucrative to you? Getting retired to Italy is simply the dream of millions, but only a few courageous people make it a reality. If you have something to say regarding this post, please write in the comment section.