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Which is More Important: YouTube Views or YouTube Likes?

If you are looking to make your YouTube channel more popular, it’s important to figure out what areas you have to concentrate on. This article helps to understand what is more important on YouTube: views or likes? It will also give you valuable information on how you can make your YouTube blog more famous.

When you post a video on YouTube though the YouTube video downloader online, it’s very exciting to see how your views increase. It’s also great when you see those likes coming in. That means someone not only saw your video, but they took the time to click that thumbs up to let you know they enjoyed it.

Likes and views can give you personal satisfaction. They can also give you opportunities to monetize your content. This begs the question, which is more important, YouTube views or YouTube likes? Read on to find out the answer.

Monetizing Your Video

One goal that many YouTubers have is to monetize their videos and start getting some profit off them. Currently, the requirements to monetize videos is 4,000 hours of watch time over 12 months and 1,000 subscribers.

To get to that point, people must be doing more than viewing your videos. They must actually invest in your videos taking time to watch the content. But, views can lead to extended watch times.

When it comes to monetization, likes are not taken into consideration at all. So, if making money off YouTube is your main goal, you will want to focus on views over likes.

Increasing Your Views

While both views and likes are important, YouTubers can’t get likes without views. They also can’t monetize without views. So it looks like views are winning out. You can effectively promote with Viboom and pay only for the result – for views.

At this point, we may want to ask ourselves, how do I boost my views on YouTube? See a few tips for that below.

· you can buy 500 YouTube views for less than $5. One way to increase your views is to buy them. is a great resource for this. There are different packages you can buy but they are all quite reasonable. This is a great way to make your channel look impressive to clients and others in the industry.

· Put Up an Engaging Thumbnail: A picture tells a thousand words. When people see an interesting looking thumbnail, they will be more likely to click on your video.

· Give it a Clever Title: A clever title is another way to draw people in. It’s best to keep your title brief. But at the same time, try adding humor or compelling wording that will make viewers want to find out more.

· Choose Tags that will fit for SEO: YouTube provides users with the ability to tag videos. Tagging your video with searchable words will make it more likely to appear at the top of search engines. This is a good way to gross more views.

· Work on the Video Description: When writing your video description, don’t be lazy. Your description has to tell a story to the viewer…without giving out any spoilers! This will work to spike their interest.

· Don’t Forget Featuring Your Latest Video on Your Channel Front Page:
After adding a video, Add it on your YouTube page. This will make your channel look updated and relevant. It helps to emphasize that you are active and on top of things.

· Upload Transcription for Your Video on English and Spanish:
you will be surprised to know how many people in the world are speaking Spanish. Uploading English and Spanish transcriptions of your video will help it to appear in search engines on both those languages. This should be done in order to increase your reach.

· Post Regularly:
Releasing on a specific schedule will let your followers to know when to expect your videos. This will make viewers more likely to keep up with your post. You can also change headlines and images from time to time to keep things fresh.

· Share Your Video: If you have social media pages on other platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, use them for cross-promotion. Sharing your video to your other pages will make viewers more interested to click through. If you have a website, remember to share it there as well.

Like to View Ratio

Although likes aren’t taken into consideration when it comes to monetizing your video, it doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Likes will determine your popularity.

On average, YouTubers should expect a 4% like to view ratio. That means they should be getting at least 4 likes for every one hundred views.

Likes are usually given by people who find your video informative and engaging. If your videos are not getting a high enough like to view ratio, consider an alternate approach.

Other Indicators of Success

Views and likes are both great ways to tell if your video is popular. But here are some other things to look out for.

· Comments: A YouTube comment to view ratio is another way for determining popularity. Your comment to view ratio should be 0.05%. That means that you are getting 5 comments for every 1000 views.

· Subscribers: The number of subscribers you have can tell if your channel is popular. But you should also be attentive to your views to subscriber ratio. You have to make sure that your subscribers are watching your videos. View to subscriber ratios averages around 14%. So, you can expect approximately 140 views per video if you have 1,000 subscribers.

· Watch Time: Your viewers must be tuning in, and they should also be sticking around to watch your video. If they aren’t sticking with you, you will have to think about what you can possibly do to make your videos more engaging.

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