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Which Prediction Site is Best in the World?

The football prediction sites grow in numbers very fast, but not all are up to the mark. The punters find it difficult to trust the prediction site owing to the bad practices followed by the sites. There are scamsters also who may fool the gullible punters and provide bogus tips. All such issues can be solved if you have the list of the best prediction sites handy with you. If you are shopping for the best prediction site in the world, you can consider a few options from the list that we have prepared for you.


Top Sports Pick is a genuine prediction site that cares for the punters’ experience most sincerely. To protect the reputation, it highlights the fact that they are operating under a single name and have no branches. The punters are served with the verified tips only and that too regularly. It covers all the football matches being played in various parts of the world. 

Punters can find records pertaining to the football tournaments and leagues in a country wise manner here. It highlights the records of all the premier leagues and top-tier football played worldwide. The tipsters here belong to various parts of the world and provide information about the matches played at national level too. Thus, even if you have little knowledge about the trends prevailing in football world in any part of the world, you can still place bets with the help of this prediction site.


Football tipster has a robust system for verifying the tipster performance. It ensures that the tipsters are regularly posting the tips and each tip is verified to ascertain the reliability of the tipster. With the help of a fool-proof tip verification system, the site ensures that only the best prediction makers connect with the punters.

The site has various value-added features like today soccer prediction, upcoming events, compare odds etc. With compare odds, it filters the betting sites for its users and brings them the best odds available. Further, to ensure that the users accustom themselves well with the tipster verification site, they offer a trial period under the Kick Start scheme. Owing to all these features, Football Tipster is included in the list of the best prediction sites in the world.


Betting advise checks the correctness of the predictions for straight 45 days or 8 weeks before granting the prediction makers a place in the network. This football prediction site is one of the most experienced and unbiased verification experts and has the best winning percentage of predictions to its credit. The site publishes all the records of wins and losses scored by the soccer prediction makers from their network in an unbiased manner. Thus, it scores high on reliability and winning percentage.

The visitors here can subscribe to the prediction site verified by this site. They have full protection from the betting-advise team and get immediate solution if they are not satisfied with any of the tipster service of the B.A. network. The tips are stored in a password-protected environment in a fool-proof manner. The prediction maker submits the tip and provides access to it once the game is over. Thus, the percentage of wins is entirely genuine here as no one can tamper with the tips once submitted. Such care taken in providing the results makes this website one of the best prediction sites in the world.


Soccer Tipsters is one of the finest platforms of football predictions. This prediction site allows the punters to pick the tips as per their stake size. It is quite a user-friendly feature and saves a lot of time of the punters. This football prediction site can be approached for today matches and you can also refer to the matches’ results for the last and upcoming week. Thus, it helps you find the performance of the prediction makers yourself and pick the experts based on the results.

It has a big pool of soccer tipsters who have the winning percentage of 85% and more. The prediction makers here are divided as beginner, intermediate and expert. Accordingly, their winning percentage and price per match changes. You can select the prediction makers after referring to their performance record which is provided in an easily comprehensible manner. Ease of navigation and customer-friendliness are the features that make this website one of the best prediction sites in the world.

Most importantly, the site maintains the record of blacklisted sites. This information is quite useful for the punters who constantly face the challenge of dealing with scamming sites. It can help them stay within safe circles and enjoy the bonus of verified and correct tips.


Football Tipsters is quite an informative site. The site divides the tipsters into junior, senior, premium and bundle tipster based on their performance and experience. You can also find the performance statistics that is presented in an easy-to-read table. The site covers all tournaments played across the world and has the best brains from the football world giving their opinions.

The prediction makers’ performance is provided through weekly leaderboard that is easy to refer and is reliable. It displays the winning percentage; senior tipsters have quite an impressive winning rate of 80% and above. The average odds predicted are 1.9. This football prediction site exemplifies user-friendliness and is dedicated to delivering the best experience to the prediction seekers. Owing to its global appeal and fresh energy that it brings along with its results since 2010, this site is placed among the best prediction sites in the world.

To conclude,The prediction sites such as and the ones included in this article play a major role in a bettor’s success. With the help of proven expertise, the tipsters can help the punters make a good amount of money by beating the bookmakers. The sites have several user-friendly features that enhance the experience of buying football predictions. The visitors may also find blacklisted sites’ information and warning notes that help them stay away from the scammers. So, if you are looking for the best prediction sites for football matches, you can visit these tipster verification sites and buy the tips directly from prediction makers.