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Which Version of Clip Studio Should I Buy?

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, you’ll find Clip Studio Paint as the best software to use for digital drawing and painting. This digital art software offers two versions named Clip Studio Paint Ex and Clip Studio Paint Pro. Most of the users always remain confused about which version of Clip Studio Paint should they buy? Well, it actually depends on what type of art you want to create as both these software programs servers different needs. Here we will do a contrast of these programs to know which one is better for you.

What is Clip Studio Paint?

Clip Studio Paint is one of the widely used and popular digital art software with over 3 million users worldwide. It was developed by a Japanese company Celsys and was formally known as Kurisuta.  

It comes with many custom brushes and tools for rendering different illustrations based on your requirements. It allows you to modify 3D models and backgrounds and create comics. Clip Studio Paint supports Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Galaxy, and Chromebook-enabled devices.

Clip Studio Paint Pro vs Ex: Which version of Clip Studio should I buy?

As stated earlier, Clip Studio Paint offers two versions named Clip Studio Paint Pro and Clip Studio Paint Ex. Both are the ideal software for beginners and experienced artists. By using the latest Clip Studio Paint Discount Code, you can make savings on both these versions. Now we are going to discuss the features of these programs one by one in order to know which one is better:

Clip Studio Paint Pro

The Pro version of Clip Studio Paint is basic in nature and lets you create character art, concept art, and illustration. This version provides you access to various painting tools and coloring options and a free library called “Clip Studio ASSETS” which offers 1000 new materials every month. This version is easier to use and fair in price as compared to its rivals.

Features of Clip Studio Paint Pro

  • Drawing Stabilization: One of the best tools of CSP Pro is stroke stabilization that lets you smoothen the lines that you draw. This is an important tool as the lines can be unstable if your hands are shaking when drawing the lines.
    • Color Selection and Adjustment: You get a comprehensive color selection toolkit including a color wheel and color set that enables you to mix hues and make your own customized sets. There is also an approximate and intermediate color selector that lets you enhance your digital drawing skills.
  • Pens & Brushes: By default, CSP Pro comes with a set of various brushes and pens. You can also customize these brushes by changing their styles or textures. Besides, CSP also allows you to import external brushes or purchase more brushes within the app.
    • Vector Layer: Another incredible and useful feature is the Vector layer that enables you to create vector layers then you can vector strokes on instead of raster strokes. Vector strokes allow you to make points and create strokes in between and also use any free vector graphics you have downloaded.
  • Other features: You can use a digital pen or a mouse when you use this software on your computer or tablet. It gives you an outstanding experience in making thick and bold lines when you press the pen accordingly. You can also easily adjust the pen pressure in just a few strokes.

Furthermore, it provides you with access to thousands of assets such as characters, effects, and props. It has more than 10,000 free assets available for users along with premium features that you can get after spending a few extra dollars. It offers 3D models and lets you customize the pose of the models. 

Clip Studio Paint Ex

This version of CSP is an add-on to the previous version and provides some additional features. This version is best suited for creating comics and manga. Apart from this, you can also create amazing-looking animations by using this software.

Features of Clip Studio Paint EX

    • Adjustable Brushes: Clip Studio Paint Ex has various adjustable brushes and it has more brushes than Adobe Photoshop. It allows you to customize the brushes to suit your requirements. Besides, you can purchase extra brushes from other developers or even create your own.
  • Templates: The Ex version also offers its users many page templates and unique panel layouts. It also enables its users to create their own templates as well as layout. It also allows you to work at one layer at a time or various parts of an image without compromising the quality of the left ones.
  • Page manager: If you are a comic creator then Page manager will be a really important tool for you for arranging and numbering comic pages and creating pages for writing. 
  • Multiple pages work: The page manager shows you the thumbnail you have used before, and you can check them even without leaving the page you are working on. By using the mouse wheel for zoom, you can work on multiple pages at once. It allows you to view the entire page while you work on them. With the simple drag and drop function, you can switch between a single or two-page spread.
  • Customizable 3D Models: With the 3D model feature, you can create your own 3D character. Clip Studio Paint allows you to transform 3D models into complex positions. Animating the models and images is possible by using this digital art software.

So, these are some amazing and advanced features that you can only access if you opt for the EX version of the Clip Studio Paint.

Price Comparison: Clip Studio Paint Pro vs Ex

If you compare the price of both versions of Clip Studio Paint then you will find, Clip Studio Paint Pro way cheaper than the Ex version. The prices of these software applications are as follows:

  • Price of Clip Studio Paint Pro: The Pro version costs a one-time payment fee of $49.99. There is also a monthly plan of $0.99 per month to get it at a cheaper price.
  • Price of Clip Studio Paint Ex: This advanced version of Clip Studio Paint costs a one-time payment fee of $219.00. Similar to the Pro version, you can get it by paying a monthly fee of $2.49 per month.

Conclusion: Which Version of Clip Studio should I buy?

Clip studio paint has one of the best software for digital painting and drawing that also offers you to create manga & comics, illustrations, and animations. Besides, it comes with numerous features that let you create a masterpiece.

If you are a comic artist or want to create animated videos then Clip Studio Paint EX is the right choice for you. However, if you are a beginner or intermediate and want to try your hands on the Character/concept art or illustrations then Clip Studio Paint Pro is the right choice for you.