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Which Website is Best for Jobs in the UK?

Knowing the right job search methods is the key to success. So that you can view all the jobs you are interested in and send your resume to prestigious companies in the United Kingdom, we have compiled the best UK job search sites in this article.

As you begin your search, you can beat the Wonderlic test, which is used by companies to identify candidates more quickly and employ talented individuals more efficiently.

1. Directgov

The UK government’s official job search site. Filters allow users to search for jobs in the United Kingdom or beyond. There is also a function to sort ads by date added, location of the potential job and the term of the contract offered.

To do this, you need to register on the site and post your resume. You can set up alerts about new job openings that will come to your email for your comfort.

2. Reed

In 1995 it was the first job search site in the UK. Since then, Reed has been one of the most popular and useful job search services in the United Kingdom. Every month more than 7 million people leave their CVs here to find a decent job. 

And there is a lot to choose from: every year more than 25 thousand private and state employers post their job vacancies on the site. To filter out unnecessary jobs, a user can select the level of salary, field of work, location or even choose to view only suitable job offers from the companies they are interested in.

Reed emphasizes that they are not a recruitment agency. The site publishes vacancies from private employers and recruitment agencies looking for employees. To post your resume and be able to send applications to potential employers, you need to register on the site. 

3. Totaljobs

One of the leading job search sites attracts more than 6 million people every month who want to find a job in the UK. On average about 110,000 fresh vacancies appear on Totaljobs every month from various employers – from international corporations to advertisements from individuals. The site has current offers in almost all fields, which users can select using a filter. You can also see top listings, jobs near you and search for what you need.  

And to get access to all vacancies and send resumes to employers you are interested in, you need to create an account on the site. You can also download the app to your smartphone and get alerts about new offers.

4. Monster

The Monster job search site offers its users a selection of job openings, filtering them by location, field of activity and date of addition. Also on the site, job seekers can read useful information on how to properly write a resume or learn how to answer questions during an interview. To view job openings and be able to post your resume, you need to register on the site or activate an account through a social network such as :Facebook.

5. Timewise Jobs

This site has been around since 2012 and offers a large selection of non-permanent jobs. Flexible jobs are often sought by women or people of retirement age. On Timewise Jobs, they can find jobs in any field and filter them by salary, location, or contract forms. In order to one-click send a resume to a job you’re interested in, you need to register on the site. You will also have the opportunity to receive alerts about new announcements to your email

6. BubbleJobs

The BubbleJobs website focuses on a large number of jobs in the field of modern technology. Developers, account managers, copywriters, SEO and SMM specialists, graphic designers and many other similar professions can find jobs in any city in the UK with the help of this resource.

You should first register on the site and upload your resume to be able to send applications to potential employers.

7. Grads

This site is a great opportunity for students and graduates to find good internships or permanent jobs. Since many companies refuse to hire employees without experience, the Grads site advertises those employers who are willing to offer a position to a newcomer. This allows young professionals to find jobs in any field quickly and easily.

To send resumes and receive email alerts, you need to fill out a mini questionnaire on the site.

8. NHSjobs

This online service specializes in recruiting for the British healthcare industry. It posts up to 20,000 vacancies each month. There are three ways of selecting invitations to cooperation. The first is a quick search on the homepage. The second is an advanced selection by available skills, job title, experience, salary, location and type of employment. The third way is to search in specific categories. 

9. NannyJob

Nanny in an English family, even if we are talking about foreigners who have moved to the UK, is a familiar phenomenon. That is why this site, which since 1999 organizes the cooperation of parents and home helpers, is more than popular. Registration for applicants is free, and the number of vacancies for them is close to a thousand and a half. 

Babysitters are sought both by parents directly and by agents of staffing firms. There are vacancies for night nannies, weekend helpers, and even separate invitations for male nannies.  

British employers value professionals with prestigious diplomas, but the deciding factor is often not education, but experience. Therefore, foreigners who have studied the local labor market, advise to have letters of recommendation from previous employers. And also – to improve their English, thus repeatedly increasing the chances of employment. 

10. CV-library

The English online platform has 190,000 job offers in different professional fields. On CV-library it is realistic to find jobs in industry, IT and health care as well as in households. 

You can search by industry, territory, specific companies and through a clickable list of popular offers or a directory of verified employers. You can download the Exchange’s mobile app.

11. TheGuardianJobs

The site publishes current job offers from the Guardian, an influential daily newspaper published in the British capital and Manchester. But the job offers, of which there are about a thousand, cover the whole of the United Kingdom. You can save your favorites, receive email alerts on the latest recruitment ads that match the parameters set by the jobseeker.


A professional recruiting platform specializing in jobs in the UK and beyond . This site is great for professionals of all categories. 

Available in dozens of countries. You can sort jobs by location and salary making your search easier. 

You can leave your application there as well as keep track of job postings, so you won’t be without a job and you’ll soon find exactly what you need.  


If you’re looking for short-term jobs in the UK, this resource should be #1 on your list. 

Freelancers, waiters, couriers, cleaners – there is a wide selection of part-time jobs available here.


The pluses of this site stand out, of course, the security of the resources, the verification of all ads and the ability to contact the employer directly. From disadvantages – obligatory registration. 


The site specializes in middle-paying professions, such as assistants, salespeople, assistants, housekeepers, etc.

We advise you to take your job search seriously and think about it in advance, you should visit site we mentioned above. We wish you success in the future and find the right job as quickly as possible!