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While Many Limit Pairs, NOWPayments Releases 12 New Pairs

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It’s no secret the cryptocurrency industry has been booming in recent years, an ever-evolving space which puts on full display the creativity of its vibrant developer community.

Despite this, it’s an unfortunate truth that many exchanges have started to limit the number of trading pairs offered on their platforms. This has been driven, primarily, by regulatory fear and uncertainty whether the U.S. SEC or other government agencies will wake up one day and decide to crack down.

Not all exchanges share in this fear. ChangeNOW has adopted a more aggressive tone, embracing the opportunity to build and offer a complete experience for digital asset traders.

The latest embodiment of this approach comes in the announcement that NOWPayments has fully-integrated 12 new stablecoins.

NOWPayments CEO Xena Kash underscored this commitment, “We believe that stablecoins are the future of digital transactions. The ever-growing interest in stablecoins underscores the demand for a reliable, low-volatility alternative in the crypto space.”

Stablecoins are digital assets that are designed to be pegged to a stable asset, such as a fiat currency or physical asset, making them less volatile than other cryptocurrencies. This makes them an attractive option for parties who want to transact in crypto without worrying about sudden price fluctuations or wish to use them as in-between steps during crypto trades. With more stablecoins available and more pairs to choose from, people will have more flexibility and freedom in the crypto market.

The addition of these stablecoins to their platform solidifies NOWPayments’ commitment to providing the most comprehensive and forward-thinking payment solutions in the market. With the integration of these new stablecoins, NOWPayments reaffirms its dedication to staying ahead of the curve and meeting the ever-evolving needs of businesses and merchants.


These new additions to the NOWPayments platform join a wide range of previously-supported stablecoins, including USDTTRC20, USDTERC20, TUSD, TUSDTRC20, USDTARC20, USDTBSC, USDTDOT, USDTOP, USDTSOL, USDC, USDCALGO, USDCARB, USDCARC20, USDCMATIC, USDCSOL, DAI, DAIARB, BUSD, BUSDBSC, CUSD, USDDTRC20, USDJ, XAUt, EURt, and GUSD.

With such a comprehensive selection of stablecoins enabled by NOWPayments, clients can seamlessly transact in the stablecoin of their choice, expanding the possibilities for global commerce. The expanded range of stablecoins is good news for the future of crypto because it means that people can stop relying on the limited offerings of other exchanges.

In addition to increasing access to stablecoins, NOWPayments’ expansion means that people will have access to more trading pairs. This is important because it allows people to exchange stablecoins for other cryptocurrencies, making it easier for them to diversify their holdings and take advantage of different opportunities in the market. Many traders have expressed frustration by the decreasing number of pairs available on other exchanges.

NOWPayments‘ recent expansion of stablecoin support is a welcome positive development for the cryptocurrency industry.