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Whirlpool. The American Quality

Frederick Stanley Upton is the name of the man, who made Whirlpool happen. He was born on June 20, 1890, in a poor Scottish family, and from the age of thirteen, the boy had to work to help his mother. After graduating from school, Frederick took a job at his uncle’s electromechanical workshop. And already in 1911, he founded Upton Machine Co. The company specialized in producing washing machines with electric shafts. In 1916 the company received its first order to supply washing machines for Sears, Roebuck, and Co.

Today the Whirlpool washing machines are famous all over the world and loved for their quality and ease of use. The brand’s washers became truly iconic, and it‘s pretty easy to deal with any Whirlpool Duet error codes on the display of the device, by simply following the link.

Though before getting the “Whirlpool” name, the company has passed many stages. Among them, the merger in 1929 the company Frederick Upton and Nineteen Hundred Washer Co. And only in 1950 Nineteen Hundred Corporation was renamed Whirlpool Corporation. Since then, it began producing automatic dryers.

Continuing to expand production and assortment, in 1951 Whirlpool Corporation bought the company in Ohio. Since 1955, the company has mastered the production of air conditioners and refrigerators. This was followed by the invention and mass production of machines for the packaging of garbage, vacuum cleaners.

The first official Whirlpool logo was introduced in 1960 and hasn’t changed much since that time, reflecting the company’s seriousness, stability, and values of its roots.

The brand begins its global expansion with the Brazilian market and follows with Europe. The year 1989 became significant for the brand as the Whirlpool Europe Office was opened, together with Phillips. The success will be so great that soon the company becomes the third-largest in Europe for the production of household appliances.

Nowadays, the annual turnover of the Whirlpool corporation exceeds 19 billion dollars. The factories of the company, which employ more than 80 thousand workers are very productive.

In each country of its presence, Whirlpool pays a lot of attention to studying the needs of the buyer. Inventing new technology, they did not forget about the economic needs of its customers and introduced the Whirlpool Financial Corporation credit system in 1957. A little later, the company decided to establish direct communication with customers, creating the first U.S. toll-free customer support line — Cool-Line.

Now in the U.S., there are four major companies producing home appliances, and Whirlpool is one of them. To keep up with the competition, the company conducts many studies and researches, and you can also get top products through an appliance rental.  

The firm has analyzed the data, objectively weighed its capabilities outside the production of household appliances, and this lead to the decision to leave the main advantage of its company over other production of quality large-size home appliances.

Now the main task of the brand was to enter the world markets. To realize the plans, several large assets in Europe were acquired, as well as new enterprises were created in Mexico and India, production shares in Canadian and Brazilian companies were increased. Today, about 235 million Whirlpool home appliances are sold in the world for the total amount of about 70 billion dollars.