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White Magic Spell to Make Someone Think of You

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You most likely know the basic laws of our reality: the law of karma, the law of balance, the law of cause and effect. Some of you even try to live according to them, realizing very soon that this gives a huge advantage, and, at a minimum, saves you from a huge number of problems, unpleasant surprises and bitterness of unfulfilled expectations. But there are two more very important laws: the law of one hundred percent compensation and the law according to which your fate is made up of actions that you dare. There is another very important, but little-known law: this world is controlled by magic. If you have not yet taken advantage of its help, we will try to do our best to make you finally decide, and let the strong spellcaster Maxim help you activate your true destiny, full of harmony, sincere feelings, devotion and delight.


The law of compensation says: if your destiny includes some event (e. g., decades of romantic or family happiness), then you will definitely get it. But only after you allow yourself to love. Many people pass by great feelings. Either they are afraid that they will not make the right impression on the one they like so much. Or postpone the best periods of life at the moment when they build a career, or acquire housing. Or they are hindered by the thought that they do not deserve anything good. There are a lot of them – those who doomed themselves to loneliness, and to love affairs lasting no more than a few days. Take a look around, and you will see loners in most windows.


But fate is much kinder to you than you think. It is ready to pour a sparkling shower of happiness on you at any moment. But as long as you are closed, as long as you say “I am not worthy of this”, or “The time for love has not come”, it will not insist or rush. It will be waiting for you to agree to accept its gifts. It will generously give you everything until the last hour, so that you drink the cup of pleasures prepared for you to the bottom. But determination alone is not enough. If you haven’t been loved for a very long time, your life scenarios, as the spellcasters say, have crystallized, and they cannot be changed without the help of magic. Even if you say to yourself: “I’m ready to meet! Ready for love!”, very often only the white magic binding spells can be the only trigger that starts the processes you expect.


The white magic love spell casters always start with the question: “Is your love pure and light enough that it can spread to another person and attract him to you?” Not for a day or two, but for years. Even develop into marriage. They have methods that give the exact answer, I am talking about the tarot diagnostics. The only pity is that many of its results upset. So, sometimes it’s a shame to find out that, in fact, your feelings are rather weak, superficial, that they are not enough to cast a light love spell. No less frustrating are the words that you are attracted to someone, not because you felt his soul as your own, but because this person is a social standard for you or he is valuable to you for the successes he could get.


No one says that only some conditionally chosen persons deserve the help of a witch or a sorcerer. Whoever comes to a magic office will leave it satisfied. Provided (this condition is incredibly important) that someone really powerful, responsible and experienced will help you. It’s about something else. The point is that, in many cases, other rituals should be chosen. E. g., spellcaster Maxim, who has been studying the love witchcraft for a very long time, will be able to help you by carrying out voodoo rites, or dark, or so-called gray magic. After all, the spell is a way, and love is a goal. It is about the goal, and not about the path, that you should think about.


But you can evaluate the strength of your feelings by yourself. If you have at least seven “Yes”, you can count on the light occult help. But, if you have less… No, we are not ready to call even the most obvious options, leaving it to the magicians. Better let’s do a simple test:

  1. My feelings last for more than three months.
  2. They bring me joy, although I do not receive reciprocity.
  3. I calmly watch when my man flirts with others.
  4. I think about him every day, and just as often imagine him.
  5. I will not feel hatred if he pushes me away, even though I will be sad.
  6. I know all his habits and tastes.
  7. I have his photo.
  8. I often visit his page on the social network, and even though I have seen all the photos many times, I still look at them with pleasure.
  9. I don’t care what he does or how much he earns.
  10. I am ready to do everything to make him feel good, and not demand anything in return, except for love.


Many people are curious what ingredients should be used when casting a love spell. Brought up on cartoons about princesses, witches and good godparents, many people imagine frog legs, dried spiders, chips of grave crosses, and other scary, frightening, but very “witch” things. But in fact, spellcaster Maxim says with a smile, there is nothing like this in the arsenal of the white magician. Although, certain things are still used. For example, a strong spell is impossible without candles of a certain color. The color depends on the age of the object, on the intensity of the intended feelings, and even on the level of the client’s acquaintance with the person on whom the impact is ordered. But there are other near-ingredients, such as special herbs, photos, and hair, although some of them are optional.

white magic for love


Only on sites of amateurs you can read “Take any candle”, meaning that it is permissible to use at least an aromatic candle, at least a souvenir, at least left over from a birthday cake. But this is a huge misconception. The binding love spell casters use only special candles, which often, sparing no time and effort, they cast on their own, and always from wax that has gone through a special energy purification. You can find such candles in occult stores. If you are thinking of doing a little magic, you should buy candles there. Here’s a hint – a real candle that can evoke love is always cast from a wax colored the same color as the wick. There are no inscriptions, drawings and any signs on it. The master, if required, applies all this with his own hand.


It bears little resemblance to a weapon, as it is not sharpened, and very often made of non-standard materials. The ritual knife can be lead and silver, and even (if we are talking about northern traditional shamanism) carved from wood or walrus tusk. There are knives made from a whale’s whisker. There are knives made from meteoric iron. In love magic, they are needed to cut off the subject from his past. For example:

  • From the parents, if they are so dear to him that he refuses to start his own family.
  • From the friends who interfere with your relationships.
  • From the ex-wife, if you do not want him to keep communicating with her in the future.
  • From bad habits and qualities that you do not like.
  • If it’s about making the ex come back, then he should be cut off from resentment, old memories, and an outdated attitude to you.


As there are no two identical shamanic knives, so there are no two identical altars. There are no special rules on how such an item should look. After all, the sorcerer does not create some kind of installation or piece of decorative art. He builds his own place of power, which not only supplies him with energy on demand, but also serves as a kind of portal.


But this is not the only one that is used. The arsenal, as we said, is huge, and, sometimes, unpredictable. Those people who ordered help from voodoo shamans (and this school has already found a place in our article) remember that they were asked to hand over the hair and clothes of the objects. But this is also used by witches, because hair is one of the best means to create an energetic contact with their owner in order to introduce almost any program into his subtle bodies. The light witchcraft is far from the only type of magic that can give reciprocity. There is a huge difference in the results – in the quality, color and duration of the feelings. We will also tell you about it.


Herbs are one of the oldest occult ingredients. They were also harvested and dried by shamans, going in search of them in a dense, wild and dangerous forest or in no less dangerous mountains. Today, the spellcasters have not practiced this for a long time. In Europe, there are practically no places left where one could find thickets of sage or wild violet suitable for use. Many species of plants are under protection, and gathering them is considered a crime. The way out is private backyard gardens, where everything that can be useful during a love spell grows. The magicians gather, dry and prepare potions for rituals by their own. A properly selected set of herbs always gives excellent results.


The tradition of doing marriage spells work on clothes is also very old. But it came from the time when people did not change their dresses or coats for years. New clothes were a rarity that can’t be afforded by everyone, because a thing was so densely saturated with the energy of the owner because of wearing for a long time, as well as his sweat (and high-quality laundry detergents appeared quite recently), that it was possible to cast a spell of the highest power even through a small shred. Modern shopping trend has depersonalized objects. After all, if something was worn only two or three times, and then thrown into the depths of the closet, it does not fit. But a piece of your favorite sweater or nightgown that you have not parted with for several years is an ideal tool for casting a strong love and even marriage spell.


Various dolls is a separate aspect. Inexperienced people can say that they are used exclusively by African shamans. But since this statement is based on the knowledge from entertainment books and fiction movies, then it is erroneous. Dolls really came from shamanism. Initially they served only one purpose – when a great hunter, leader or sage died, his figure was cut out of bone or stone. During the funeral, it was placed on the grave of the deceased, in the hope that his soul would turn into a bone or stone image and remain in it. Then, hidden in the depths of the cave, it will protect the members of the tribe and take care of them. Thousands of years passed, and the figurines turned into dolls, and began to be used to bewitch the living people.

voodoo love spell.


To begin with, we will finally understand when the white witchcraft is used. It applies in the following cases:

  1. In case of great love.
  2. When it connects two lonely people.
  3. When there is nothing more valuable than seeing a suitable partner near oneself for each member of the future couple.
  4. If there is no energy interference – energy illnesses.
  5. If there is no interference from other people.
  6. If neither of the two has ever been a target of even the weakest sorcery.
  7. If there are no physical ailments and mind ailments.
  8. If both are childless, but capable of becoming great parents.
  9. When each will give more than receive, when the union between him and another person becomes real.

If the situation is more complicated, if you need to resist the dark energy, if fate itself becomes an obstacle (you can read more about this on the website of spellcaster Maxim), then other types of spells are used. E. g., a powerful voodoo love spell.


The African magic is incredibly ancient. In modern reality, it is, perhaps, the only one that made it to save its authentic traditions that have come down to us almost since the Stone Age. The Muslim esotericism is much younger than it. Only the European witchcraft can compare in age with voodoo. Although, such a comparison will not be entirely ethical, since it is constantly changing, becoming more complex and transforming. While the shamans did everything to ensure that traditions of their school remained unshakable. Because of this, their rituals are quite hard, one might say, they painfully affect the modern people. A comparison with medicine is appropriate, with how little resemblance today’s surgeries being performed with a multitude of sophisticated electronic probes, are to those performed just a century ago with a common butcher’s knife and saw.


Shamans cannot program someone for certain emotions on their own. This is done by the spirits that protect them. It is the spirits that guide a chosen person along the road leading to initiation, so that later, throughout life, he would be their uncomplaining and faithful assistant, as well as an obedient guide to our world. Spirits come to us to be distracted from their routine, to have fun, to look at us, as we look at animals in a zoo. When a shaman asks them to influence someone, they may or may not comply with his request. The spirits, poorly knowing people, cast always a primitive and rude love, which is based on the low instincts. Therefore, relationships are built on three main components:

  • Jealousy, as a manifestation of the desire to possess.
  • Perception of a partner as personal property.
  • Primitive, almost animal sex.


If everything was so bad, no one would turn to shamans. But they have become quite popular lately, and many people dream that they mediate in the matters of love. So, it cannot be argued that voodoo has no advantages. It has. The most important of them – the rituals of shamans are able to influence people who are incredibly difficult, and sometimes impossible, to bewitch in the traditional ways. These are people with incredibly powerful energy – businessmen, geniuses, strong personalities, successful military men, very beautiful and, therefore, absolutely self-confident women, and rich people. The African shamans, sending spirits to such people, break their will to resist, and deprive them of the freedom of choice. Just as an obedient soldier obeys any order given to him, so anyone who is touched by a voodoo spirit does what he is told – fall in love, start dating, take someone as his mistress, or start a family.


Understanding all the imperfection and unpredictability of the African voodoo, the Europeans, and after them the Americans, prefer to turn to dark witches, knowing that, on the one hand, they will do their job much more responsibly and accurately and, on the other hand, their help will be much less traumatic. The real witch does not just fulfill the request “I want a man to be mine.” She asks: “How do you see your relationship? What should prevail in it – romance or material? Maybe you want to travel a lot? Or maybe you are a homebody? Telling what exactly you want to find in the union being prepared, you, in the end, get an almost complete embodiment of your dreams. Being not just a petitioner, but a scriptwriter of your future life, you can wish for everything without exception, and a very strong spellcaster will be able to make everything that you wish come true.


On the site of spellcaster Maxim, we learned that the dark mystical art is widespread for the reason that we live in a world of dense, or as they are also called, dark energies. Spirituality is peculiar to us, but it is not spirituality, but everyday habits and aspirations that ensure our survival. We work, earn, promote our ideas and achieve career success precisely when our energies are the densest. Therefore, for very many people, the light witchcraft is not applicable. But this is not a final sentence. Even more so, it is not a fact worthy of condemnation. On the contrary. Being born for a certain realization and experience, we can receive it only at the frequency at which our world exists. It is worth changing and purify too much, as there will be a gap between such a person and reality, and the person will become extremely unhappy, since he will leave the path of fate.


There is nothing dangerous in the magic of black spells. Danger is represented by the thoughts and aims of the people who use it. It is efficient. It is safe. It has a lasting positive effect. Few people are immune from it. If a caster is experienced, he always hits the target. But there is something in it that radically distinguishes it from the light occultism – the need to pay if you crossed the line and harmed someone. E. g., you have chosen a man by loving.

black magic for love marriage


The powerful obsession love spell formula from strong witches can be written as follows: “Relationships, caring for you, and material well-being.” It’s not that the light witchcraft doesn’t do all of that. But it is still much less concerned with the material aspect. It is much more interested in the area of ​​​​pure feelings and thoughts than the wallet or the refrigerator. But romance and loftiness, like ardor, pass definitely. But a person remains, daily problems remain, desires remain, which can be realized only by spending money. Therefore, even if you love very much, you must always think about the future. The witches take care of this, not casting the pure love spells, but performing several rituals at once:

  • For the feelings.
  • For the power of the connection.
  • For the long life together.
  • For the material well-being.


Now, let’s move on to a very big problem, often discrediting the ability of magic to work miracles – the fast results that many clients require. Of course, the blame for ineffective love spells lies with the spellcasters, they are ready to make concessions in order to please their clients. It is they who are to blame for the fact that they agree to do a quick witchcraft, after which the attraction arises in just a few days. They do not consider it necessary to warn their clients what such a quickly built relationship have some secret aspects. They are: indifference, superficiality, not wanting to know the problems of the partner, ability to afford easy flirting and, sometimes, cheating. The worst thing is end of the romance in two or three months, and the gap full of cynicism on the part of the partner who is leaving you. That is why we believe that quick spells should be discussed separately.


Have you ever watched the moon growing? Or have you ever waited for a bud to appear on a plant growing near the window, so that later it would slowly blossom? Or, maybe, you ever happened to wait for spring, watching how the snow gradually disappears, revealing the first grass? Love is born in the same way. Fragile at first, it is like an unborn butterfly that needs not only to spread its wings, but also to realize itself. To understand that having been a caterpillar for so long, now it cannot live a miserable life at the roots, because it has been granted the right to fly. It has been noticed that the deeper and stronger the feeling that is given to us, the more slowly it emerges in us. At first sight, attraction is like fireworks or sparklers. It flashes dazzlingly bright and, surprising, striking, unsettling, immediately goes out, leaving no trace. You don’t want a romance that can end with such swiftness, do you?


A quick impact is still bad because it always passes through one chakra by binding. You know that there are seven chakras, and each is responsible only for its own facet in the relationship. Here is a list from the first chakra to the seventh:

  1. Survival – living together, eating, shopping for necessities, planning to repair or replace an old TV with a new one.
  2. Sex – it can be both pleasing to both, and turning one of the two into a victim.
  3. Plans and achievements – either both go together to a great goal, or one, less fortunate and resolute, admires the achievements of the other.
  4. Emotions – it is their coincidence and burning at the same high level that many people mistakenly take for love.
  5. Joy, happiness, harmony – although it sounds wonderful, the connection through this chakra, says caster Maxim, is the hardest thing to do for his colleagues.
  6. Unity of minds is ideal for those people who appreciate the presence of a strong intellect above other qualities.
  7. Spiritual quest is an ideal connection for the lovers of mysticism, people looking for independent answers to the most complex philosophical and life questions, engaged in science and various research.


By ordering a powerful love spell that works fast, you are likely to conclude such a long-awaited marriage as a result. But you shouldn’t hope that it will last long enough. Besides, how long can you endure a relationship tied to one thing, living thanks to the connection through just one chakra? Such a family is miserable, because it is only interested in one thing – either buying things and food, or only sex, or exclusively platonic communication. One thing, but the only one, dominates, the spouses do not have understanding, support, or unity in other aspects. They still remain strangers, and aspirations of one of them are not understandable and not interesting to the other. The other responds his partner with exactly the same indifference. Here is a huge minus of the quick love spells. The same can be said about simple spells. Especially those that you cast in the evening at home.


However, the magician can offer you exactly this option. Such an offer will come if the spellcaster realizes that you do not know your loved one at all. That you idealize him, and mistakenly reward him with non-existent virtues: strength, sexuality, and/or intelligence. Then a quick spell becomes an excellent way out, forever eliminating the illusions. You are given a person; you meet him for a while. Even if this does not give you time to enjoy the relationship, but you get a wonderful opportunity to understand who it is. What he really loves. What he really likes. What is his relationship to a variety of things. After that, things can be left to chance, but we know that quick rituals end very quickly. Or you can order, if the person turned out to be yours, a real, very strong, long-working witchcraft.


We have said that the use of hair is an old, even ancient tradition, which is kept faithful not only by shamans, but also by many adherents of other esoteric trends. However, do not assume that this is the only effective method. Let’s not forget how difficult it is today to get another person’s hair if he is not your husband, not your lover or not your fiancé. In the century before last, when photography had not yet been invented, it was hair that people kept in caskets and chests. They were cut off in strands at various key moments in life. Moreover, even lovers exchanged their strands to prove the strength of their feelings. But with advent of photography, everything has become easier, and now, most of the witches use photos in their rituals.


But the rituals of this kind have a huge advantage – an impact on consciousness can be done through them. At the beginning, a love spell appears in thoughts of the object, and then slowly spreading through all its chakras, takes control of all feelings and all emotions. Do you remember, we have said that relationships can be ideal if all levels are involved – from survival to a conditional search for a god? Powerful love spells with hair, if they are performed by an expert who mastered his art, will connect people simultaneously through several channels between several pairs of chakras of the same name. Then it is incredibly difficult to separate such a couple. The man and the woman never quarrel, do not get offended, do not get jealous, because they do not give a reason for this. Their life gives them not only spiritual or mental harmony, but also provides them in the financial and sexual aspects.


There are several available ways to get hair from the head of your loved one. The riskiest is to cut them yourself. But you hardly go for it. And the reaction of the person whose strand was cut is quite difficult to predict. But you know that spells only work on the people (there are no exceptions to this law!) who are familiar with you. This gives a hope that you can appear at his house. There, pay attention to woolen clothes, usually on their back side, especially when it comes to jackets and sweaters, you can always find a few hairs. A great place to look is bed. You can also present a thick brush of natural bristles, and comb with it your beloved, as a joke, then secretly remove the hairs from it and put them in a clean, previously unused envelope. Then send it to a magician or a witch.


Perhaps, you’ll be told otherwise, because, as we said, different magical schools have their own permissions and their own prohibitions on conducting various ceremonies. But, sometimes, you will come across the fact that, in some cases, it is impossible to make a love spell with hair. There are some technical reasons: you cannot get hair from the head of someone who is completely bald, or who constantly shaves his head. The second option: not all occultists take dyed strands to work with them. Since about two out of five women dye their hair today, then they will be out of reach of such influences. There are other reasons as well. You cannot take the hair of someone who is now living with a mistress or lover. Not because hair of two different people may be in a comb. Because hair very actively absorbs the energy that surround them, and can store an imprint of another person.

But if you turn to spellcaster Maxim, you do not have to worry about anything. When you place your order at, you will receive detailed instructions, but only after you have chosen a spell that suits you. You can be sure that this is a wonderful spellcaster and magician will choose the best option for you. After all, it is not in vain that you can find only positive feedbacks about his work on the Internet, and not a single negative one.