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Who Are the Best Forex Educators to Follow?

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How to earn big money from trading? Start from self-education and keep on learning through your entire career. Get bored of guides and instructions? Then, try a personal mentorship program or just subscribe to a blog or a channel by a professional trader and learn from his experience. Choose a mentor from our top list.

Today, investing in Forex is accessible to everyone, even for those who have a minimum initial capital. Yet, that doesn’t mean that one does not need any education at all. Self-learning is a must if you want to earn decent profits and avoid dramatic losses. Experts recommend taking advantage of all the available sources of knowledge ― guides, videos, market analysis, charts, news, and, certainly, personal blogs and training courses offered by professional traders and mentors.

Here is our top list of the most influential Forex educators that enjoy respect and stellar reputation among both their students and colleagues:

  1. Clay Hodges. He prefers teaching his students on a personal basis. His training programs are focused on psychological aspects and diversified trading strategies. Besides, if needed, he helps his students with involving outside capital.
  2. Chris Hunter. His educational courses are easy to understand and free of excessive complications. He strives to make the learning process full of fun. Also, his mentorship services include copy trading signals.
  3. Roman Patterson. He has established Phoenix Capital Group, which is under development so far. Still, you can already access his weekly market analyses, trading prompts, and other educational content via a paid chat.
  4. Matthew Todd. In addition to mentorship programs, many traders know him due to his live streams on YouTube.
  5. Tamia BJ. She is a founder of SIMPLY Rich and helps newbies to get started on Forex within a minimum time and at minimum effort.
  6. Nick Syiek. He is known as an open and sincere mentor, which provides an honest insight into both the positive and negative sides of Forex trading.
  7. Ezekiel Chew. The unique feature of his courses is that he has profound personal experience in trading so he has a clear idea of how everything works.
  8. Andrew Mitchem. This successful trader offers comprehensive mentorship programs. One of their key focuses is on the use of Japanese candlestick charts.
  9. Marc Walton. This trader of global fame is now focused mainly on his education program, where he is not afraid of discussing both his successes and losses.
  10. Vladimir Ribakov. In addition to traditional guides, chart analysis, and expert tips, he offers informative webinars and live trading sessions.

In conclusion, in the list above, you will easily find a coach or a course that will suit your needs and trading level. Just decide what exactly you expect from such mentorship and do not forget to check other students’ feedback on the Web.