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Who Are the Best Forex Traders in the World According to Traders Union Analysts

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 Welcome to the incredible career of George Soros, which has included betting against the pound during a financial crisis, getting a degree from the London School of Economics, and escaping the Nazi occupation. George is regarded as one of the most successful hedge fund managers and best forex traders in the world. During the height of the financial crisis, he made $1 billion betting against the British pound. Soros followed the Bank of England’s plan exactly during the 1997 Asian financial crisis, solidifying his reputation as the greatest currency dealer of the 20th century.

The Thai government had fixed the Thailand baht’s exchange rate to the dollar before the 1997 Asian financial crisis. As the dollar grew stronger in the middle of the 1990s, the baht-dollar peg was lifted. The capital and trade accounts would deteriorate as a result of Thailand’s dollar debt commitments being too onerous to pay. The elimination of the baht dollar peg also caused the value of the baht to drop precipitously.

Although the foreign currency market has shown to be resilient in the face of economic uncertainties brought on by financial crises, few dealers have mastered the art of navigating these storms according to Traders Union

John Polson and Paul Tudor Jones biography review

Paul Tudor Jones II is one of the leading forex dealers, with his Tudor Investment Corporation managing $13 billion in assets. He gained notoriety for foreseeing and profiting from the 1987 Black Monday financial catastrophe. The 1987 financial crisis was brought on, as expected, by a five-year bull market run that needed corrections, new automated trading, among other things. Paul sold his stock the Friday before the crash on Black Monday based on his forecasts. Paul cemented his position as one of the top Forex dealers by buying the dip from losers just after Black Monday, which resulted in a profit of $100 million.

One of Wall Street’s most prosperous hedge fund managers is American investor and FX dealer John Polson. The most memorable moment of his professional life was correctly predicting and strategically wagering against the 2008 mortgage crisis. John’s prognosis was based on ridiculous mortgage underwriting criteria that permitted borrowers with bad or no credit to obtain a mortgage.


Carl Icahn, George Soros, James Steven Chanos, and Paul Tudor Jones are some of the top FX dealers in the world. 

Carl is the epitome of financial genius. He rose from the rat-infested alleys of Queens, New York, through a military career, an unsuccessful Ivy League stint, and now ranks among the wealthiest people in America. He established the company bearing his name to invest in businesses that benefited from changes in corporate policies because he was an avid investor. Carl’s secret weapons for success continue to be the capacity to uncover organizations’ underlying values and a keen sense of humor. Additionally, he is inclined to test out notions and concepts.