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Why are Big Eyes Coin, Decentraland, and Tezos the Future of Cryptos?

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Blockchain technology has advanced. Thus the crypto industry has become one of the quickest growing industries worldwide. There are many coins with new and unique features. They are constantly flowing into the space of crypto. A few of these coins offer the prospect of becoming the next Bitcoin or Ether. Read along to check out three coins showing the most promising potential that has placed them in a place to be the future of crypto. For more information about Bitcoin, you can visit Bitcoin And Economy

Offerings of Big Eyes Coin

Its meme is a cat called Big Eyes. This cat has been on different adventures, endured challenges, and traveled across many countries. His experiences affected his idea. Now he wants to exploit his charm to earn income and conserve the ocean’s creatures.

After the community tokens are recognized as substantial revenue generators for the charity and community, Big Eyes Coin will seek to develop a close-knit ecosystem. It will produce income and donate to firms devoted to preserving the ocean.

The native token of the Big Eyes Coin community is BIG. Ecosystem members will get rewarded with tokens, NFT gifts, and different perks. This network offers its members a tax-free buying method. Members will benefit from the dynamic tax structure of the platform. It includes buying an auto burn, the network’s marketing wallet, and a liquidity pool. Selling merchandise, publicity, and a tax on NFT sales are other fundraising efforts on this platform.

It seeks to make decentralized finance well accessible to the globe. It will be done by teaching individuals about blockchain technology and its various uses via features such as back-end systems, collaborative learning, and Big Eyes Coin Swap.

Decentraland is the future of the Metaverse.

It is an interactive virtual platform built. It is built on the blockchain of Ether. Decentraland is a virtual world. Here users can produce, utilize and sell content and apps created using similar technology. Users can own land, construct products or participate in others’ experiences.

The currency of the platform MANA is used for making payments, investing, and buying or selling virtual things. LAND is a non-fungible token meant for representing the ownership of properties that digital real estate landed. MANA and LAND govern all activities of Decentraland.

It is expected to become one of the most significant projects in the Metaverse in the upcoming years.

All about Tezos

It is an accessible blockchain. Tezos can perform all transactions peer-to-peer. It can operate as a platform to develop smart contracts using XTZ, its official currency. It is intended to run upon a decentralized and permissionless transaction network. Delegated Proof-of-Stake enables it.  

It completely replaces the earlier idea of Proof-of-work. Such a design lets stakeholders get engaged in vital protocol and governance options through on-chain governance protocol. It is how this network achieves consensus among all members.

As it uses much less money and energy, the PoS of Tezos is a perfect replacement platform for developing eco-friendly blockchain apps. This blockchain simplified DApps development. Due to its structure, it is broadly acknowledged as the ideal equipment for supporting the revolution of Web3. It makes it a possible challenger to significant currencies such as Ether.

An overview of Ripple

It was developed as a convenient platform for fiat and crypto exchange. Ripple serves as a secured mediator for banks and payment services by using a feature called RippleNet. 

It was built to transfer assets worldwide.

This platform serves as a platform to settle options and liquidity payments. It made it a big success with banks and financial institutions. The use of these tokens can lower the costs of transactions highly. Users never need XRP to carry out any transaction. Ripple tokens were already mined before its release. It is meant to be a financial instrument for quick transactions between two currencies; It has grown and seen a steady rise. This token promises to stay a favourite of people.


The market of crypto has been abuzz with the news of these new cryptos. They possess great features to become the potential contenders for the spot of the top 50 cryptos.