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Why Develop Custom eCommerce Site on Laravel Platform Using Aimeos

Laravel provides numerous built-in libraries and packages that help develop a feature-rich eCommerce store. The PHP framework has several dedicated eCommerce features, including high security and scalability.

Among multiple Laravel ecommerce packages, Aimeos stands out owing to its excellent cloud-native and API-first online shop-building capabilities. This blog offers insights into why you create an eCommerce website on Laravel using the Aimeos platform. 

Why Use Laravel for eCommerce?

Laravel is ideal for developing mid and large-scale eCommerce sites. The PHP framework provides highly scalable sites that help tackle a growing business’s demands. It also has readymade code for several eCommerce features like add-to-cart options, product descriptions, inventory management, pricing, payment gateways, and other services. Custom Laravel package development helps businesses build highly scalable eCommerce sites.

Benefits of Using Laravel for eCommerce

  • It’s much easier to handle an influx of a large customer base with Laravel-powered ecommerce sites.
  • Having an ecommerce site with Laravel allows businesses to run their online stores effortlessly. Companies need not update the site now and then, which is the case with ready-made CMSes.
  • The Laravel framework provides faster development cycles as it has several in-built libraries. It has pre-written code for various eCommerce functionalities which makes it easier for Laravel developers to create functional online stores.
  • The framework allows businesses with omnichannel eCommerce experience. It is also ideal for building simple and complex B2B ecommerce solutions.

What is Aimeos?

Aimeos is a Laravel eCommerce package available for building top-notch online stores effortlessly. It offers the integral features for building a fully functional Laravel shopping cart and multiple advanced eCommerce features, including multilingual support, customizable themes, and SEO-ready tools for better search engine rankings.

The Aimeos package is open-source and is available for free. Any leading Laravel development company can use this package to build custom online stores at an affordable budget. The Aimeos-based online stores are renowned for fast web speed, optimized servers, and efficient database systems.

Why Use Aimeos for Building eCommerce Stores?

The Aimeos package helps build a seamless user experience for your online stores. It integrates into existing sites, ER systems, CMSes, and others. The package is popular for providing higher security, customization, and performance for online stores.

With Aimeos, it is possible to transform the existing site into a fully functional eCommerce store. It comes with an easy-to-install Aimeos distribution and provides you with advanced features.

For example, you can leverage multi-vendor, multichannel, multi-warehouse, and online eCommerce shops. These online shops can handle from a single to 1,000,000,000+ products.

Key Features of Aimeos

  • It provides businesses with multi-vendor, multichannel and multi-warehouse. So, developers can create marketplaces, complex B2B solutions, affiliate systems, and site extensions.
  • The package lets online stores manage small and large inventories with zero additional charges. Aimeos hosts fast online shops using SaaS.
  • The Aimeos package allows you with a superfast online store. The phenomenal platform can render 1000000000+ items in 20 ms. It builds an impressive user experience for developing a very large-scale eCommerce site. This has been possible as it comes with features like ElasticSearch & gigacommerce extension.
  • You will have access to more than 100 payment gateways as it comes with the Omnipay PHP library. It lets you manage a global online store by integrating all the major payment service providers.
  • It is also useful in developing web apps, native mobile apps, and progressive web apps. Developers can easily build interactive front-end designs for your site that drive user engagement.
  • The site comes with several features focused on the SEO of the page, which helps the eCommerce site gain good visibility over the search engine result pages.

Main Benefits of Using Ameos

  • It offers high-speed performance to the eCommerce site.
  • Provides greater flexibility in developing several features of the eCommerce site.
  • Ability to optimize site usability via crowd testing
  • The render time of the site is mere 20ms with the help of block-level caching.
  • Can handle 10,000+ orders regularly, which helps online stores manage an influx of traffic.
  • Using MySQL, developers can scale the site to handle 100,000 products and even up to over a billion products by using ElasticSearch.
  • Compatible with most of the hosting providers and offers a smooth update of the database upgrade, which helps in keeping the site data up-to-date.
  • Develops SEO friendly site which helps to gain good ranks over the search engine result pages
  • Protection against standard vulnerabilities, including SQL injection and others. 

Wrapping Up

Aimeos is a reliable Laravel package that can be used to build engaging eCommerce solutions. It lets you add anything to the site with the help of customization, third-party integrations, and more.

You can build a website, web apps, and mobile apps with it in less time which reduces the development cost and time of the project. It is ideal to use this wonderful eCommerce package for developing interactive online stores.