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‘Why Do You Drink Alcohol?’ Can You Answer This Question? 

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Why did you become an alcoholic? If you knew the real answer to this question, you wouldn’t need an AA meeting. Most alcoholics are unable to find the real reason for their alcohol disorder. They only know that they can’t stop drinking! 

A few of them started drinking for fun and ended up being an alcoholic. A few others may have chosen to drink to escape from the daily stress. They didn’t know how they became habitual of the drink. 

Root cause of AUD

According to therapists, most cases of alcohol use disorder (AUD) stem from some or other emotional and/or personality issue. 

For example, somebody may have low self-esteem. He or she feels good and finds courage after a few drinks. So here, the real reason for AUD is a personality issue. 

Some other person may have a stranded relationship with his/her spouse. This makes them feel lonely and unloved. They take the support of alcohol to escape from their situation. In this case, AUD is due to an emotional issue. 

How a meeting can help

Joining one of the local AA meetings in your area can be a good idea if you are suffering from AUD. The meetings give you a chance to express your emotions. You can share things like how you feel when drunk, what triggers you to drink, what happens when you miss a drink, and so on. 

This will help you analyze your emotional side, which is a huge factor in AUD. 

Simultaneously, you can take the help of a therapist or a rehabilitation program. This will help you speed up your recovery process. The meetings will give you the necessary strength and motivation to continue with your therapy program. 

Choices in meetings 

Meetings are of two types: open and closed. Choose one as per your preference. Open meetings will also allow your family members or therapist. Closed meetings are only for alcoholics. 

You can easily find a AA meeting in Maryland. After the pandemic, many areas conduct meetings online too. However, now that the pandemic is over, it is better to attend a meeting in person. This helps you sit face to face with other people who are in the same situation as you. In-person interactions have more impact than virtual ones. 

The solution lies in finding the real cause 

There is a difference between cutting the branches of a tree and uprooting the tree. In the former case, the tree is still there and will continue its growth. In the latter case, the tree is no more. 

When it comes to de-addicting, you must uproot the tree of addiction and not simply cut its branches. 

This means simply promising yourselves to stay sober won’t do. You may stay sober for a few days out of motivation or to show yourselves that you can do it. Eventually, you will return to alcohol. 

Find the root of your alcohol problem and remove it. 

Meanwhile, you can use the Sobriety Calculator to calculate the exact number of days you have stayed sober. Hadlines