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Why Do You Need Digital Business Card and 4 Tips to Have One

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Business cards make sharing and collecting contact information from your clients, partners, and suppliers easier. It has maintained its polished and expert appearance for a considerable time, which is a good sign. On the other hand, a change toward paperless solutions and a preference for digital storage of information, documents, and contacts has occurred in today’s environment.

The printed form of a business card gives the sense of being simple and distinctive simultaneously. You can order your business cards as well as other business stationery items online from reputed providers like StationeryXpress.  However, digital business cards provide much greater advantages than other physical counterparts.

What is a Digital Business Card?

There are several advantages to using digital business cards instead of traditional paper cards. Many applications and websites are available to assist with the creation of one online. If you’re interested in learning more, you check out Tapt.

Because digital business cards enable you to personalize and customize each contact, they have a distinct advantage over traditional ones. Changes to contact information, details, or addresses may be easily made to a digital business card and then sent to all those who have received it, making it a useful tool for keeping in contact with previous business connections.

Reasons Why you Need it

The following reasons may help you change to a digital business card:

1. Easily and Quickly Share Contact Information

The client will instantly add you to their contact list when you share a digital card on a smartphone. That means your contact’s information will always be accessible, rather than collecting dust in their desk drawers.

2. Increase Your Connections

Making a business card will often include essential information about you, such as your name, business, position, email address, and phone number. You may include one or two links to your professional social media pages. As a result, the people you know will be able to add your profile to their chosen social media network.

3. Organize All of Your Information

Using digital business cards in several ways that go beyond just growing your social media network is possible. You can include information you want on your digital business card as long as you know how to do it properly.

4. Your Information Easily

Another benefit of using digital business cards is that you don’t have to print new ones when you change your information. You may instantly spread any updates you make to your digital business card to all the people who have a copy of it on their phones if you have an app for it.

5. It is Inexpensive

Elegantly produced business cards are still highly valued, but they’re also quite costly to keep in good condition. Digital business cards also save time and money since you need to edit the links on the relevant sites rather than your whole card.

Tips to Have One

Take advantage of these tips to leave an impression that you won’t soon forget if you decide that it’s time to get a digital business card. The following tips that you may use to create one.

Tip #1: Add a professional photo and other pictures.

It’s always best to begin to have a clean photograph of oneself. Your business card should portray you as a professional, confident, and friendly individual to everybody who sees it. Make your card more visually appealing, but don’t go overboard.

Tip #2: Make sure people remember your name and job title.

A digital business card is a virtual representation of your profession or organization. As a result, it must include information that clients and other professionals will find valuable.

Ensure that your name is proudly displayed, as well as your work title and business. It would be beneficial if you made it simpler for others to identify you by making your name more visible than any other information and giving it a bigger font size. In addition, everything must be readable.

Tip #3: Provide clear contact information.

Make contacting you simply by providing a clear name and job description. Contact information doesn’t have to be fancy. All that is required is to list them in a simple font and provide all the necessary details.

Tip #4: Include Links to Social Media Platforms

Your social media pages, or your website, are an excellent addition to your online business card. Even if one method is better, you may include them both.


A digital business card has many benefits, and it’s time to get it. Creating customized graphics representing your company and personality is easy. You may keep in contact with a digital card.