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Why is Li-SOCL2 Battery Indispensable

Lithium thionyl chloride is essentially Li-ion batteries with a metallic lithium anode and a cathode which is a suitable liquid. The liquid cathode also includes a porous carbon current collector filled with thionyl chloride (SOCl2). The battery is cylindrical with an energy-intensive cell structure. Li-ion batteries are rechargeable and provide an ideal solution to the particular environmental issue of dumping toxic battery waste.  

Unique Advantages of Li-SOCL2 Battery

Apart from its environmental advantages, Li-SOCL2 battery is also at the forefront to cater to the excessive need for a complete energy storage system. The battery has many exceptional features including a greater energy density and capacity, extended working temperature range, longer life span, higher operating voltage, and low self-discharge rate. 

  • Greater energy density & high capacity 

The Li-SOCL2 batteries deliver an ingenious solution that can conveniently provide an efficient supply of uninterrupted power. The batteries are a perfect choice for an uninterrupted power supply system.

Li-SOCL2 batteries are reliable Li-ion batteries which can offer a high capacity owing to the cell’s great energy densities. Giving credit to the high energy density packing in the Li-SOCL2 battery cells, the li-ion battery can offer a suitable combination for an agreeable discharge rate and backup power capacity.

  • Extended temperature range

In regard to the non-flammable electrolyte as part of the Li-SOCL2 battery, there is an extended range of temperature that falls under the working range of lithium thionyl batteries. The battery offers a perfect fit for many energy storage systems with an operating temperature range of -60 °C to +150 °C via special design. 

  • Long life span

Lithium-ion batteries in general are in high demand for their long life and durability. Li-SOCL2 provides an even exceptional lifespan coupled with the large capacity and the thermal endurance it can offer in extreme conditions as discussed before. 

The Li-SOCL2 battery can offer lifelong battery support to a wide range of energy-intensive applications in various industrial and medical sectors. Pertaining to the fact that Li-SOCL2 batteries offer an ultra-long battery life, it is a viable option in portable devices and industry-related machines. 

  • Higher operating voltage

The Li-ion battery provides a very convenient choice for an array of energy-intensive applications, including many low-pulse to high-operating voltage devices. With an open circuit voltage of 3.67V and an operating voltage of 3.6V, Li-SOCL2 batteries stand distinguished amongst the wide range of high operating voltage batteries.

  • Low self-discharge rate

With an extremely low self-discharge rate of 1% per year, the thionyl chloride battery provides an exceptional shelf life and perfect durability making it the best option for the long run.

This low self-discharge rate happens due to the unique chemistry of the thionyl chloride cell that causes a phenomenon known as the passivation of the battery cell. However, thanks to the protective film on the lithium anode formed during the chemical reaction of the cathode with the electrolyte, the current is impeded making the energy supply more secure.

EVE’s ER14250

The EVE Li-SOCL2 batteries can be applied in a wide range of scenarios, including:  

  • Meters (water meters, electricity meters, gas meters, etc.)
  • Smart life (small door lock, smart security, surveillance equipment, etc.)
  • IoT
  • Medical equipment
  • Automotive electronics (TPMS, T-BOX, etc.)

Good as the Li-SOCL2 batteries are, it is important to purchase from a trustworthy manufacturer, so as to ensure the consistency of your products’ quality as well as the best after-sales services.  

Established in 2001, EVE Energy Co., Ltd. is a global lithium battery company with years of experience in the industry. With durable, safe and high-performance products, EVE has provided comprehensive solutions with its Li-SOCL2 batteries, the diverse functionality, and exceptional operability for over 2 decades. 

Represented by ER14250, one of the best sold products with a nominal capacity of 1200mAh and a nominal voltage of 3.6V, the lithium primary battery enjoys the following features: 

  • With a nominal capacity of 1200mAh and a nominal voltage of 3.6V, the ER14250 is the most viable solution for AMR utility meters.
  • The wide operating temperature range provides a comprehensive solution for many alarms and wireless security devices. These thionyl chloride batteries can easily power devices such as GPS tracking systems as a durable solution.  
  • Eve’s li-SOCL2 batteries provide extremely long reliable battery life and long life spans which are a viable solution for mobile asset tracking systems and emergency location transmitter beacons. 

The Li-SOCL2 battery is indispensable when it comes to quality, and durability with an extended temperature range. EVE energy has consistently provided uncompromised quality in primary cell batteries and lithium primary batteries. The ultra-long battery life and great energy capacity offer a stable and durable solution to your energy storage system problems.