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Why Is Personal Hygiene Important in Sports?

Personal hygiene refers to care one takes for their body in terms of cleanliness. Therefore, as an athlete or just a regular person, it is important that one takes care of the body and ensures cleanliness all the time. This should be more emphasized when it comes to sportsmen and sportswomen. These are people who are active most of the time, and their bodies are always sweaty. What kind of deodorant balm should sportsmen and women use? How often should one shower? What about the kind of cleaning accessories should one use? These are things that one may want to be aware of when they are in the sports industry.

What does personal hygiene entail?

Personal hygiene entails several things. Here are 7 personal hygiene routines that athletes and rather all people should embrace:

Toilet hygiene

This means one should keep their toilets clean all the time. One needs to wash their hands and generally ensure they are properly cleaned after you visit a toilet.

Shower hygiene

It is important to shower after one has been very active. This means once an athlete is done with their exercises or workouts, they should take a shower. They should use hygienic bath soaps and hair shampoos where possible.

Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene has everything to do with the mouth. As such, an athlete should ensure they brush their teeth regularly. Brushing your teeth twice a day is sufficient to fight plaque and tooth decay. Do not forget to clean the tongue as well. It’s also advisable to get a custom mouth guard if you’re into contact sports. If you don’t have a dentist who can make it for you, you can search for a term like “dentist near me staten island” on the internet and it will provide you with a list of experts that you can check out. 

Nail Hygiene

Most people may not take nail hygiene as important as they do other hygiene areas. Your nails should be kept clean and short so they do not harbor dirt. Trim and clean your nails regularly, and especially when you are washing your hands.

Sickness Hygiene

This is another type of hygiene that you need to be aware of. When one is sick, they need special care in terms of cleanliness and diet. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables especially when you are sick. Use a handkerchief when sneezing, coughing, and so on. Generally, cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing. Sanitize your hands or wash hands for 20 to 30 seconds.

Hand hygiene and clothing hygiene

These are hygiene routines that are also very important for athletes and all people in general. Always wash your hands before you eat. It is also important to wash and dry your clothes before you wear them. These are part and parcel of personal hygiene.

Reasons personal hygiene is important in sports

For health reasons and health benefits. This means that sportspeople can maintain their health and ability to practice more through cleanliness and eating healthy. For instance, washing hands regularly is a good practice that makes athletes avoid contaminants.

For social reasons and benefits. When it comes to personal hygiene, one can live in a clean environment and they can live with the others comfortably. Washing your body regularly makes one look good. Wearing clean clothes is paramount to your image. This is something that sportspeople should strive to maintain.

For psychological reasons. When an athlete looks healthy and clean, this improves their self-image and self-satisfaction. This is good for their sports performance and should always be maintained.