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Why is the Brawl Stars Called a “Great Game”?

Meet the great Brawl Stars game! This is the most hyped game developed by the Supercell company. This game development company has already gained popularity among online game lovers due to its remarkable games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Hay Day. However, Brawl Stars is greater than all. Do you know why Supercell’s games are so much liked and Brawl Stars get more hype than any other game?

In this guide, I am going to clarify the main reasons behind the success of the Brawl Stars game and why it is called the great game of Supercell Inc. So…let’s dig into the article now!

Pleasant UX Design of Brawl Stars:

Many players of the Brawl Stars game have reported that they loved the easygoing UX design of this game. They said that the UX design of the game hooks them inside the game and they feel very light while playing it. It means they never felt depressed and frustrated.

That’s the main reason why they go into the deepest insights of the Brawl Stars game. The players really enjoyed playing it and they do not regret after in-app purchases. It means the Brawl Stars account does not stop you, lock you, or limit you to proceed further.

Quick and Intuitive Interface of Brawl Stars:

The menu of the Brawl Stars game is a masterpiece because it is quick and intuitive. It has many buttons and actions but still, it leaves enough space for the Brawlers to clearly watch their characters. It simply means that the center of the screen is not overcrowded and overweight.

In this way, everything is arranged in a thematic association that arranges every button and information in the side walls of the interface. The visual hierarchy is very impressive and compartmented. The background features a radial gradient, which serves two purposes.

First of all, it creates a sense of depth which is similar to a fisheye lens effect. How? It draws the eye inward. Secondly, it creates a subtle light source behind the figurine. This helps to put it in the spotlight and reinforces the center of the screen. Hence, this clever design element enhances the sense of wide space and makes the figurine stand out even more.

Simple and Suitable Gameplay:

Brawl Stars gamers have reported recently that the gameplay of this game is very simple. Moreover, its two primary actions (move and attack) are extremely suitable for a great mobile gaming experience.

Furthermore, the screen is split into two main areas:

  • The right side which is used for shooting and aiming
  • The left side which is used for movement.

This clear division makes it easy for you to navigate and control your character. In addition to that, you can rapidly fire at the closest threat without much effort or aiming in order to take down an enemy quickly.

Plus, you have the option of using your main attacks to fill up a special attack meter. It is accessible with a button on the right side of the screen – the same side used for shooting. This special attack is a handy addition to your arsenal.

Availability of Many Options and Modes:

Honestly speaking, the pinnacle of the Brawl Stars game lies in its various modes. There are a total of 10 different modes that you can access in this fascinating game. Anyone who buy Brawl Stars accounts gets a number of gems and styles. For example, battle royale styles are very charming for most of the players.

What else fascinates you after buying Brawl Stars accounts for sale? Share your experience in the comments section.