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Why Jumpstart Your Career as an SEO Professional?

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Choosing a career is a process that needs a thorough analysis of what you want to become and what steps you are willing to undergo towards achieving your goals in life. You would likely consider long-term stability that can sustain the kind of lifestyle you want and all other factors. Digital Marketing may not be one of those careers that a younger you are considering while still in school. But let’s take a look at how this career path is evolving and why you can confidently take a leap on it.

What is SEO?

Digital Marketing is a form of advertising that utilizes various digital channels like search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. SEO is part of digital marketing. Business today maximizes the use of SEO and other digital platforms to reach their customers. As online shopping goes on a trend, many business owners would like their websites to increase visibility in major search engines.

What Career Opportunities Await You?

As you kickstart your career, it’s vital to understand the different SEO career opportunities in order to choose which position you are going to fill in the industry.

Digital Marketing Manager

A Digital Marketing Manager leads a team that moderates various digital marketing programs – SEO/SEM, database marketing, e-mail, social media, and display advertising campaigns. You also ensure the company gets high revenues and reach.

SEO Consultant

When you go to Google and search “Vet Clinic” or “Best Vet Clinic in Singapore” for example, you will find the list of businesses that offer what you are looking for. That’s keywording! So, as an SEO Consultant, your primary role is to improve a website’s ranking across the search engines. You are to plan, implement, and manage company clients’ SEO strategy in order to rank a specific word or phrase related to their business so their potential customers will find them.

SEO Analyst

An SEO Analyst helps businesses by analyzing quantitative and qualitative data and carrying out audits to conclude the current state and the effective methods to attain the identified KPIs. You should be an expert in Google Analytics, conversion optimization and digital marketing strategies.

PPC Specialist

Go to Google and enter “Training Room Rental” in the search bar. Google will show you the list of related articles but notice how paid advertisements are placed on top of the search followed by the ones that were driven by organic ranking. That’s PPC or pay-per-click advertising, a system that allows businesses and website owners like you to advertise on Google. Each time their ad is clicked, advertisers pay a fee. A PPC Specialist is responsible for internet PPC advertising campaigns that usually run through Google AdWords or Bing Ads.

Content Developer

A Content Developer creates information for web pages and web marketing in a unique and captivating manner to draw the attention of the audience. You are responsible for researching, writing, and editing articles, blogs, podcasts, ad copy, video content, and social media posts.

Marketing Specialist

A Marketing Specialist helps design, create, and supervise a marketing project. You will be concerned about the sales revenue, cost per lead, new contact rate, conversion rate, in order to monitor the efficacy of your marketing campaign. You also need to evaluate the trends and consumer behaviors that could affect the campaign results.

Email Marketer

Email marketing is one of the oldest but still effective marketing strategies. An Email Marketer continues building customer relationships by sending the latest updates, promotions, e-catalogs, coupons about the product and services directly to their inboxes. You should understand how to create engaging content and run email campaigns to convert leads into sales.

What Skills are Needed for Today’s Market?

Well, you don’t need to enroll in a university in order to successfully pursue a career in Digital Marketing though having a degree will open more doors of opportunities. However, you can start by having a mentor who will give you hands-on training for free. There is quite a number you can find on the web. So, basically, you need to develop technical skills before you embark on this path.

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Content Curation and Creation
  • PPC
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Data Analytics

How Much Will I Get Paid?

In this vast industry, many large-scale companies will look for competitive individuals. If you think you have the right skill set which gives you the edge over others, then consider yourself as a commodity and demand a higher salary depending on the role. Expect your salary to continuously increase depending on what skill matters most in your specialization.

How Do I Stand Out in the Spectrum?

1. Experience Matters

You need to prove your credibility through your output and success stories. But how to do it when not even a single experience in this varied marketing stream you have nothing to show? Here’s a tip. Join a freelancing team and grab different freelancing projects. In that way, you will discover a new opportunity beyond your current area of expertise. Evaluate yourself and improve.

2. Build Your Portfolio

Show a piece of your hard work by laying down all the skills you possessed and the projects you have submitted. Create an impressive online presence. You can mention your mentor’s name for reference or add the course/program you have attended if there is any.


Online marketing is swiftly taking over as the rate of technology adoption in Singapore advances. The style of business marketing today and how it impacts the future will let you see how promising this field is and how in-demand the SEO professionals are. You just have to align your skills to the kind of work you dream to specialize in.