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Why Lenovo Chromebooks Are the Best?

Chromebooks were designed to have a budget alternative to mainstream laptops and computers but they have become versatile computing machines over time. You can get Chromebooks at a range of prices from almost all the major computer manufacturers such as Lenovo, dell, HP, and Acer. Lenovo offers a range of Chromebooks with serving multiple purpose. 

Chromebooks are easy to operate and easy to understand. They are lightweight, compact and small with impressive battery timing. If you only require something to do basic things like writing, reading, research, movies, YouTube and social media, Lenovo Chromebooks would be the best choice. You may read our guide to Lenovo Chromebook C330 Vs C340 and find out, which Chromebook may suit you the most!

Lenovo Chromebooks definitely are not a complete replacement for a window laptop or a MacBook but they do offer a wide range of functionality and specifications. In this article, we’ll discuss what Chromebooks are and how Lenovo Chromebooks are some of the best available picks in the market.

Chromebooks runs on Chrome Operating System which is a Linux Based Operating system designed by Google and it revolve around Google Chrome Browser. Initially Google started it with Chrome and its apps by expanding it into an operating system however, over the years, the OS has become more dependable, capable and supports Linux apps other than Android apps. 

Lenovo is a renowned PC manufacturer, and by far one of the biggest laptop computer manufacturer in the world. Lenovo offers Chromebooks with a wide range of features and specifications. Some with affordable prices and some are premium ones too. Lenovo also has added its Chromebooks to many laptop series where you get the choice to buy a Chromebook which is somewhat similar to the window laptop of your choice. Lenovo Chromebooks make better choice for students who are on a budget.

Here are some of the Pros of using a Chromebook!

Stable Operating System

The Chromebooks are able to boot up in couple of seconds which is not possible in case of other Window laptops. Once you press the power button, the machine will take hardly a few second and boot up. While running, you will not have to face any input lag. One can say that the Chrome OS is incredibly stable operating system and it runs really smooth without crashing. The Chromebooks can easily handle if you are into RPGs such as stardew valley which is pretty basic gaming. 

Cheaper than window computers

Compared to usual laptops and window computers, Chromebooks are pretty cheap and less expensive due to the compact design and reduced capabilities. Chromebooks are designed with limited abilities to run programs however, they are perfect for general internet browsing, social media use, writing, and basic computing. Chromebooks are more economical and affordable options compared to traditional laptops.

Lightweight and Compact

Chromebooks are designed to be super lightweight and compact compared to window laptops. This features makes them the perfect choice if you travel a lot. Not all Chromebooks are lightweight but most of the models available in the market especially Lenovo Chromebooks are super lightweight and easy to carry around. Since the Chrome OS is basically a web based operating system so the components required to make the computer operate aren’t high end and overall the machine will remain lighter and smaller. 

Battery life

Chromebooks offer stunning battery life of 11-12 hours! Amazing isn’t it? Usual window laptops offer a battery expectancy of 3-4 hours max. The feature makes Chromebooks perfect to be used on the go when you don’t have anything to charge your laptop, Chromebooks will be just fine!