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Why Netflix is the Most Essential Streaming Service?

The streaming space has exploded in the last two years, with newcomers like Disney+ and WarnerMedia’s HBO Max competing with Netflix and Prime Video.

However, the number of services that consumers will subscribe to is limited.

With over 220 million customers, Netflix is the world’s most popular streaming service, so if you’re ready to ditch cable and satellite, one of the monthly plans is worth considering.

It possesses its studio and offers dozens of new well-known original films and episodes, like seductive Shondaland favorite Bridgerton and fan favorite Stranger Things and flicks like Red Notice and a wide library of TV shows and films.

Netflix has a geo-restricted content library. It maintains a diverse range of content for regional accessibility. However, there is a way to get past this restriction; to access Netflix with VPN from anywhere in the world. 

Of course, we use a premium VPN subscription to change our current IP Address to one of our preferred regions, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada etc.

We also access originals such as the Friends reunion and The Gilded Age.

Along with these top platforms, we also have a look at other sprinting-up platforms as well:

Amazon Prime has thousands of TV shows, movies, and exclusive titles.

Hulu seems to have buzzy original hits & TV shows from almost every significant broadcast and cable network (except CBS)

Our competitor is HBO Max, which has a huge library of TV and movies and has DC Comics blockbusters like Peacemaker.

According to a survey released last week by the entertainment-insights firm Whip Media, consumers subscribe to an average of four services at a time. 

If they could only choose one streaming provider, 41% of respondents said they would keep Netflix.

It was followed by

  • Hulu — 21%
  • HBO Max — 13%
  • Disney+ — 9%
  • Prime Video — 6%
  • Paramount+ — 2%
  • Discovery+ — 1%
  • Peacock — 1%
  • Apple TV+ — 1%
  • Other — 3%
  • None of the above — 3%

HBO Max was the most popular choice among respondents:

While Netflix came out on top as the most popular service, HBO Max came out on top in customer satisfaction.

Max was rated “extremely satisfied” by 51% of respondents, while Netflix was scored “very satisfied” by 46%. In this category, it was a toss-up between Hulu and Disney+.

Here’s how all the streamers did when it came to whether respondents were “extremely satisfied” with it:

  • HBO Max — 51%
  • Netflix — 46%
  • Disney+ — 46%
  • Hulu — 45%
  • Discovery+ — 35%
  • Prime Video — 28%
  • Paramount+ — 28%
  • Apple TV+ — 21%
  • Peacock — 19%

HBO Max had a tough start when it was launched in May 2020 because it wasn’t available on Roku or Amazon, the two most popular streaming platforms.

However, it eventually reached partnerships with both Roku & Amazon but eventually was removed from Amazon’s channel on September 15, 2021, in which people could subscribe to a service through Amazon. 

HBO Max is offering a 50% discount on its ad-free subscription to attract the 5 million customers HBO had previously lost.

The current monthly fee is $15, or $10 for the ad-supported edition; there is no longer a free trial available.

HBO Max has made significant progress in attracting customers since its launch, aided by the release of new Warner Bros. films on the service and in theaters at the same time this year.

AT&T, the service’s parent firm, announced in July that the service added 2.8 million users in the second quarter, exceeding expectations.

Services like ViacomCBS, Paramount+, NBCUniversal’s Peacock, and Apple TV+ have struggled to create an impression. Their satisfaction ratings are among the lowest (albeit Apple’s breakout success “Ted Lasso ” recently won a couple of Emmys).

Prime Video received a low rating, even though 76% of respondents claimed they subscribed to it, second only to Netflix with 88%. That shows that many people may subscribe to Prime Video because it comes free with an Amazon Prime membership, even if they aren’t entirely thrilled with it.

The streaming platform’s library content  was more Important for subscribers:

According to the survey, 61% believed library content (licensed series and movies) was “extremely important,” while 31% thought it was “important,” totaling 92%.

Regarding original content, 42 % said that it was “very important,” while 36% felt it was “important,” totalling 78%.

With the current influx of media companies into the streaming arena, original content has become increasingly important in differentiating their platforms. 

Subscribers, though, continue to be drawn to the library content. Before it went to Peacock, “The Office” was one of Netflix’s most popular shows.


Netflix, being one of the world’s biggest media streaming companies, provides a large selection of TV shows and movies from a variety of genres. Because it contains more and better original material, it is currently the most popular app.

If Netflix is not available in your region, then you can easily login to  Netflix by using a VPN service to watch its content. 

It also adds support for 4K resolution. We’re confident you’ll always find something entertaining to watch on Netflix. We hope our review of prominent streaming services assisted you in deciding which one to stick with.