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Why Node with React is a Smart Choice for Full-Stack Web App Development?

In this competitive and technology-friendly world, you will see new things coming daily. Because of this, businesses always have to keep one step ahead to sustain themselves in this environment. Therefore, choosing the right thing to boost your business always plays an important role. This blog will help you understand why Node with React is a smart choice for web app development.

  • Can We Use NodeJS With React? 

ReactJs is mainly used for Front-end development, and NodeJs is used for Back-end web application development, making it the most suitable choice for developing web applications with ReactJs. That’s the reason more and more product owners are opting to hire full-stack developer in the combination of React as front end and Node as backend.

  • Reasons To Use NodeJS With React 

Yes, there are remarkable benefits of using React NodeJS together. Also, combining React with NodeJS can help you drop overall development time and some other spectacular benefits. 

If you are planning to hire Node.js developer, then undoubtedly it is a smart choice, but let me explain in-detail why you should hire a ReactJS developer in the combination of Node.js for your new or existing web application.

1. High Server Side

A combination of ReactJs and NodeJs will balance the high server load and requests that occur whenever developers work on developing web applications. 

2. Real-Time Data 

If your applications deal with real-time data or have a web application with data streaming, you must choose Node.js to handle real-time data in the development.


Developing JavaScript Object Notation APIs for your web development is effective because of the high reusability of code and access to sharing code instantly in React.js. NodeJs very efficiently enables this.

4. SPA – Single Page Applications 

Developing single-page applications in React and Node enables lightweight back-end design for asynchronous data loading through call-back functions. 

5. MERN Stack

If you want to follow MERN Stack flow, you should use Nodejs and ReactJs to work with MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, and Nodejs). 

  • Benefits of NodeJs & ReactJs for Web Development


ReactJS is not just a framework but one of the most used JavaScript libraries. It was introduced and maintained by Facebook and multiple developers and companies. 

It works under the MVC architecture and displays all the data in the View part of the architecture. Also, ReactJS is extensively useful for developing interfaces. It helps in solving issues that occur at the time of managing large databases.

  • ReactJs is more flexible than other front-end frameworks because of the module structure, which helps in cost reduction and saves more time in development.
  • ReactJs as the framework is convenient enough to develop cross-platform applications or native mobile applications on operating systems such as Android and iOS.
  • React brings speed to web application development as it allows developers to use parts from both server-side and client-side.


NodeJS is a JavaScript that is developed on the Chrome V8 engine. It consists of all the packs required to execute the program in JavaScript successfully. 

The Node.js applications run in a single process, without creating a new thread for every request. It amplifies the procedure of developing web applications.  

  • NodeJs keeps things simple by using one language code for the front-end and back-end. In other words, there is no requirement to switch from front to back, which automatically reduces the complexity in the code and improves the development process. 
  • NodeJs provides Scalability in the business, especially Startups prefer using it because it develops lightweight and fast web systems which check real-time response. This method can help scale at a very low development cost in a minimal period.
  • The active community of NodeJs is very helpful which can support us in application development

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  • Can the combination of Nodejs and Reactjs fulfill the changing demands in web development?

Interestingly, the demand for these two is rising at a tremendous rate and has a bright future ahead. The demand for the combination of Node.js with React.js has also crossed Java. 

According to Statista, with 40.14%, React.js is ranked first for the most used framework for web application development. 

New technologies are coming into the development market. Still, they haven’t made a strong stage for themselves. On the other hand, the benefits of node.js with react for web apps development have proved well. 

Also, with the help of Virtual DOM, changes are frequently rendered, and because of that, the performance of applications has improved a lot. 


NodeJs and ReactJs as a technology complement each other, and it can be very helpful for someone interested in creating their web apps in a short period. Put these together, and you can have an important combination of tools for creating robust websites without counting on Java or PHP. 


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