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Why PayPal Outperforms BTC in UK iGaming

The key benefit of the online bingo industry is the ability to use the preferred payment options when making deposits and withdrawals. One of the banking options is PayPal, a widely available online bingo site method in the UK. As the major bingo operators accept this digital wallet, deposit or withdrawal from an online gaming platform has become straightforward and trustworthy. With the jump in popularity of Bitcoin, some bingo websites have adopted this well-used cryptocurrency. Despite the BTC’s reputation for providing a high degree of privacy and anonymity on the transaction, PayPal has remained a household name. Why does this e-Wallet exceed Bitcoin when it comes to moving funds in an online gaming platform?

Deposits are Returnable

Before making a deposit, the players have to use the safest online deposit system to be free of any troubles. As PayPal is ubiquitous in more than 200 countries worldwide, the PayPal Operators in bingo take advantage of this payment option’s popularity by adopting it as a major method. Those who want to transfer money should choose this global payment solution as it constantly provides the quickest processing times. For many gamblers, PayPal is mainly seductive for its speed, trustworthiness, and low fees. When depositing, this common payment service does not charge fees. The money will instantly be deposited into your bingo account which is a great advantage of choosing this digital wallet. The minimum amount is required in the deposit option and each platform has its own amount that can be checked from its terms and conditions.

Withdrawal Times

An exciting experience that the players have to experience is the moment when they win bingo. The luckiest can boost a huge amount of money, and to withdraw these winnings, the perfect tool is required in order to cash out money from their account quickly, safely, and anonymously. Fortunately, PayPal is highly praised among the bingo enthusiasts as it gathers the players’ requirements. Unlike Bitcoin, which should normally take no longer than two hours to be processed, PayPal bingo casino withdrawals are a lot faster, usually within an hour. Nonetheless, in some cases, the process takes a couple of hours. Some bingo sites take from 2 to 3 business days to process your withdrawal request but you are always permitted to cancel this request. This means the banking option beats the speed of any withdrawal method including cryptocurrencies. It is worth mentioning that a small fee may be charged for withdrawing money with PayPal.

BTC Limitations

BTC is an advanced financial currency available in the bingo brands. This option is dedicated to all most users. Well-known for providing a high level of security and convenience, this method is the best solution for transferring money. Bitcoin was launched in 2009 and has quickly been accepted by the worldwide renowned bingo websites including the UK. However, the use of BTC in the iGaming industry is limited lately, so players have to search widely to find licenced brands who are willing to accept the currency. Unfortunately, in spite of considering BTC as a convenient method, the players are not able to take out their gains with this service as easily. Contrary to PayPal, every device is permitted to deposit and withdraw money through this payment method.


The fact that PayPal has dominated the online gaming industry is the reason to make this e-Wallet unbeatable. The service is mainly appreciated for offering safe and quick transactions enabling the players to move funds at their convenience. PayPal is particularly important in the online bingo industry and the leading sites usually accept this digital wallet. It is undeniable that BTC is embracing the E-commerce business including the iGaming industry but PayPal has remained well-used among the gamblers for its simplicity and safety. As PayPal has app versions of iOS, Android, and Windows, the mobile gamblers are able also to make deposits and withdrawals anytime and from anywhere.