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Why Prime Gaming Is Set to Make Big Shockwaves in the Online Gaming Landscape in 2023 

Cloud-based gaming is one of the latest trends in the gaming industry, and it’s actually a trend that has become more noticeable due to the involvement of recognizable brands such as Samsung, Apple, Google as well as Amazon. Amazon is involved in this aspect of the gaming sector and it is mainly associated with target audience accustomed to using Amazon Prime as a subscription service.  

The cloud-based gaming industry has become one of the most profitable entertainment sectors, and the number of gamers has spiked significantly in the last few years. It comes as no surprise that Amazon made different efforts in order to get involved in the gaming industry, and they have chosen cloud-based gaming as the way to do it. Here we will provide more details on Prime Gaming and its potential future impact on the gaming market in 2023, as well as an overview of the benefits of cloud-based gaming services. 

Cloud-Based Gaming 

Cloud- based gaming includes a lot of advantages, and this is why it has been on the agenda of most big tech brands. First things first, it offers an affordable gaming experience because you are only required to pay a subscription fee.  

The next advantage is that you are able to access the gaming collection on both desktop and mobile devices, which includes computers, smartphones, and smart TVs. So, whatever your preferences are, you are able to play some of the best games without investing in additional gaming equipment on the move or on your computer.  

Cloud-based gaming is quite similar to online casinos since you don’t need to invest in any additional gaming gear in order to play any casino games. The online gaming selection is accessible to casino members that have registered on the platform and made a deposit on reputable casino sites like Casumo casino. Then you have access to a variety of casino games in even greater numbers than in land-based casinos. Some options include blackjack, roulette, slots, baccarat, and many others options. 

Amazon Prime 

Amazon Prime is different than Amazon Luna because it comes along with your Prime membership as an additional benefit. It includes a free Twitch subscription and a handful of free games on a monthly basis that you can download on your mobile or desktop device. 

In addition, they also offer free in-game content, which is quite beneficial for anyone that is looking to play their favourite games or just looking to enhance their gaming experience with better weapons, upgrades, characters, and many other better options. 

In order to access Amazon Prime Gaming, you need to become an Amazon Prime member, and the advantage is that you can cancel your subscription at any time. So, with that being said, Amazon is at a better position here because it has already been established as a reliable provider, especially when it comes to Amazon Prime. 

The gaming selection doesn’t lack modern titles when it comes to their gaming library or free content. Another advantage is that it has acquired Twitch and it also offers free subscription service to its members which isn’t the case with other competitors.