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Why Progressive Slots Are Better Than Regular Ones

When Charles Fey first patented the slot machine invention back on the West Coast of America in the 1890s, not many people would have envisaged that his creation would still be a multi-billion dollar industry 130 years later. 

Multiple factors are at play as to why slot machines continue to play such an integral role in casino gaming. However, arguably the most crucial one is the vast range of titles available online. 

Even though other games, such as poker and roulette, have been able to expand into the online space and change minor characteristics of how the game works and how it interacts with technology, it is relatively rigid. 

Roulette is based on mathematical statistics, with the house always having the edge. However, slot machines are automated mechanical designs. Therefore, the scope for them to have varying titles and subcategories of games within them is much more significant. One clear example is the emergence of progressive slots and their benefits over regular slots.

What Is A Progressive Slot Game?

The best progressive slots games have this title because the total prize isn’t a fixed amount, unlike regular slots. Instead, as every spin is performed and each bet occurs, it continues progressing, and the jackpot increases further. 

The reason why some gamblers see progressive slots as superior to their standard regular rivals is because of the supercharged prizes that are available. 

There are hundreds of potential progressive slot machine games that you can choose from. Some are solely dedicated to this type of gambling, and others are variations of regular slot machine titles. Some progressive jackpots hit a limit and will then pay out. 

However, the vast majority do not have this limit and can theoretically continue progressing to more significant amounts until somebody eventually wins the prize.

What Is A Regular Slot Game?

Slot machine games are standard machines whereby you select your chosen game, whether it is a 3-reel, 5-reel or 10-reel game. Once you have selected your game, you will play your spins until you run out of funds or win a prize on any of the hundreds of possible combinations. 

Regular slot machine games will pay out just on that specific line. It has no enhanced jackpot or involves any other progressive algorithm that multiplies the total jackpot. However, slot machine games are a fun way for people to unwind, much like plenty of casino games you can find online.

The crucial thing to remember is that you should play slot machine games for fun, not see them as a form of income, and you shouldn’t spend more time playing them than you initially planned. If you believe your gambling is veering into problem territory, take stock, stop gambling and speak to a medical professional who can provide you with assistance.


Depending on what type of gaming experience you’re looking for, you can find fun in both games. However, winning a prize in a progressive slot is more exciting than in a regular slot. Ultimately, this is why many gamblers cite why they believe progressive slots are better than regular ones.

The range of progressive slots on offer is another factor for gamblers. With regular slots, you have one type of action and one payout stream. 

In the world of progressive slots, not only can you win in the same way, but you can also enhance the payout by landing a progressive prize. It is easy to see why many gamblers are far more open to progressive slots and are moving over from regular slots to enhance their gaming experience.