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Why Should You Watch ‘Casino Royale’?

“Casino Royale” is revered as one of the best Bond movies. Released in 2006, it is another addition to the James Bond movie series. The film plot is taken from the 1953 novel (of the same name) by Ian Fleming which is his first novel of the spy series. 

Whether its casino enthusiasts or James Bond spy fiction fans, “Casino Royale” awesomely captivated everyone’s mind. There are several reasons why it is a classy movie and why you should watch it. Keep reading to know the details!

Lots of Action 

Like its previous versions, this Bond movie also features lots of action. However, this has improved stunts, some, like never seen before. Even Daniel Craig has performed some action sequences, not just the stunt man if the sources are to be believed.

Treat to Casino Players

If you are into gambling, this movie could be pretty entertaining and help you learn something you had no idea about. Take, for instance; the film has a scene of a poker tournament in it. You can observe and pick a few clever tricks during the poker game. 

Apart from that, the movie diligently portrays different rules of the casino. In fact, there are a lot of scenes showcasing the main lead gambling. 

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Amazing Storyline

The storyline has got lots of twists and turns to make it an absolute drama-packed movie from knowing the secrets to killing, romance, betrayal, and much more. 

Furthermore, Casino Royale also has a sequel to it which is missing in other 007 films. So, if you feel like you need more of Casino Royale after you finish watching this movie, check out its next part- Quantum of Solace.

Stunning Views

The locations were chosen to shoot this movie and bring in spectacular scenes to enjoy. Bond is seen travelling to various locations on the globe including Venice, Lake Como, Madagascar and Montenegro. These locations can give you some serious travel goals for the audience.

The Movie Leads

The locations aren’t just the only gorgeous things in the movie. You must check out the main leads of this movie! Yes, Daniel Craig and Eva Green are stunning individually. But together as well they have created epic chemistry that you don’t wanna miss!